A little housekeeping ….

Hey – I see that a lot of you guys are still popping over here to check out the blog, so I’ve made it where the site will automatically redirect to PencilShavingsBlog.com. Please don’t forget to adjust your blog readers and links. Merci!

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Moving Announcement!

Well, I couldn’t help myself. I got to playing around with WordPress and decided to go ahead and make the move. After a few weeks of work, I’m proud to send you guys over there. So would you please readjust your browsers to PencilShavingsBlog.com? I would be ever-so-thankful. I’m really proud of the redesign and I think you’ll like it too. I’m also welcoming any and all feedback over there. Just leave a comment or fill out the contact form.

Also, look for posts on my 21st 29th birthday as well as the winner of my birthday giveaway.

Thanks, you guys!

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The most amazing painted walls I have ever seen

Now there’s a blanket statement if there ever was one. But I was perusing Aubrey+Lindsay’s blog today during naptime and I swear my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head, and my heart started pounding, and my hands started itching for a paintbrush, and then I’m sure somewhere Simon started sweating. Because these, my friends, are the most amazing painted walls EVAH. Lindsay linked to Lucy & Company, which is an interior design service in North Carolina. All the rooms are fantastically, colorfully decorated, and I am totally in love.

Have you ever seen such a great gingham pattern? I love the subtlety of the color – it’s not too bold or gender-specific. It could be quirky or chic or even (ugh) country. And while in this particular instance I’m not wild about the furniture, etc., I am totally in love with the pattern. Gorgeous.

The pale blue is so soothing, too.

Zigzags into stripes!

I’ll bet this one was extremely difficult and time-consuming, but the result is showstopping.

Don’t even get me started on the girls’ rooms. I’m over the moon.
This is wallpaper, but that enormous-scale mirror is so over-the-top chic.

Untraditional colors but so soothing and feminine.


The roman shade? Yes please.

So Dorothy Draper. This could be at my parents’ house.

Is it just me, or could this be our upstairs bonus room?

WOW – this ceiling is amazing.

A perfect way to highlight a niche that might otherwise be awkward.

Lucky twins!

Oops, wallpaper again – but so so chic.

Wow. I am totally in love. Hop over to Lucy & Company. Their entire portfolio is so inspiring.  If you love color like I do, you’ll be over the moon!

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Project in the works: Uptown Kids at Classen Curve

Sometimes it’s fun to see a project that’s in the works. I am super excited about being part of the Uptown Kids retail project. My sister-in-law Carolyn and her husband are opening an upscale kids’ boutique in the Classen Curve. It’s an exciting location, too — the Curve has been in development for awhile, and some of the hottest restaurants in the metro are located there with lots of other retail and restaurants opening soon. Carolyn is working with architect Rand Elliott and his Elliott + Associations architecture firm (also the same architects for the Classen Curve development overall). Collaborating with E+A has been nothing but absolutely inspiring. Their devotion to detail and perfection is legendary, and I wish I could show you what the store is going to look like, but you’ll just have to wait ’til the grand opening this summer!

Let me just say this – Oklahoma has never seen anything like this. And if the E+A portfolio of projects is any indication, it is nothing short of fabulosity.

The FUEL restaurant they did for the Chesapeake Energy corporation looks so cool; I totally want to sneak in.

Oh, and POPS? Yup. Them, too.

So, in the meantime – a few shots from the past couple of weeks.

Oh, here’s one of RePUBlic. After a meeting the other day, we had lunch there. Delish.

One of the signage towers where the UptownKids name will go. We don’t get to do too much exciting on this one.

An outdoor patio area near the store location.

Hanging the coming soon banner! Whoo!

And for me, I am so happy to be doing a retail project. OF COURSE I love shopping so it’s only natural that I would love to do an upscale shopping project. It’s a graphic designer’s dream come true. Everything from the bags to the business cards is going to be fun. We’re also tossing around the idea of some fun t-shirts. I’ve got a few ideas stewing on more subway-based tees and ephemera.

I can’t wait to see how it progresses once they start the build out!

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My dream come true!

Before we got married married, I lived in a little duplex just down the street from a popular little shopping plaza, tucked into the neighborhood. Starbucks, cute little restaurants, and a post office tucked into a card shop were all at my beck and call. I loved to hop on my bike and run over there to do errands.

Unfortunately our house now is in a less urban area, although still in the middle of town. There’s just not as much to ride the bike to. I love the image above because it’s totally inspiring to me – riding my bike looking all turned out in a full skirt and cute shoes. As a student in Paris, I loved seeing the Parisian women riding their bikes everywhere, looking perfectly coiffed and all Audrey Hepburn. (I never managed to look that pristine in Paris – I was usually the hot & sweaty American art student, lugging my art supplies and portfolio on the metro. June is hot in Paris)

it’s mary ruffle (via {wit + delight}).

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Happy Birthday, Earl!

Yesterday was my brother Earl’s birthday, so my sister and I met up with him at Pachinko Parlor, just north of downtown. It’s a new little restaurant, kind of an asian fusion with sushi, Thai food, and other goodies. I really liked it. It’s particularly great to see funky concepts come into OKC. Pachinko Parlor is located in a part of town that’s recently been revitalized with new shops, cupcakeries, and restaurants. It’s so exciting to see – OKC just keeps getting better. I should’ve gotten an exterior shot of the place – there’s an enormous tree out front that’s pretty impressive.
Pachinko Parlor

Anyway, it was a nice sibling lunch – just me, Amy and Earl. I cannot remember the last time we’ve done something like that.
Amy & Earl
Afterwards, of course we had to go next door to Sara Sara Cupcakes.
Sara Sara

Sara Sara

I mean, what’s a birthday without cake?

Sara Sara

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Scoping out the Britton Street Mall

Last week I was perusing Craigslist, as I tend to do, and found a handful of listings from the Britton Street Mall, a large antique shop not far from us. I’ve driven by it hundreds of times, probably, but hadn’t yet ventured in. I finally found the time, and thought there was some good stuff. Definitely some great values, that’s for sure, especially if you’ve got an upholsterer (is that a real word?) at your beck and call.

How ’bout a giant upholstered ottoman? It just needs fresh fabric to make it work.

This midcentury buffet was gorgeous. It was next to an equally gorgeous midcentury dining room set. I can’t remember the price on this one, but it wasn’t ridiculous.

I love love LOVE this little red desk. It was repainted from the original beige (actually, I HAD this desk when I was a kid!) and really well-done. Sometimes when things get repainted, they don’t look too hot. Not so on this one. I really wish I had somewhere to put this little beauty, because I loved it. $195.

A pretty wood dining room set. It would be lovely painted in dove grey, non?

This big mirror? $25.

WOW. A seagrass chair? Yes, please! At $290, it’s not dirt cheap, but it’s got great potential. You can’t tell from this photo, but it even had nailhead trim. Just switch out the fabric on that cushion (maybe a heavy linen).

If only Jude were smaller! This vintage child’s rocker would be perfect in any nursery. Somewhere around $35, I think.

A Drexel campaign sidetable. This was a STEAL at $45.

There was also an X-bench that needed reupholstery, and I didn’t get a photo of that.

Well, so, there you go. I’ll definitely be heading back. If you’re in the OKC area, you should check it out! OKCers, anywhere you like to go to find some great steals?

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