Books for Jude

Because Jude came early, we unfortunately had to cancel the baby shower thrown for him by some of the ladies at our church. We were finally able to reschedule for last night, and it was amazing! The theme was books, so instead of traditional baby gifts, everybody brought baby books to stock Jude’s library. We felt so much love from everyone; it was such a blessing, and so much fun!  We came home with a ton of great books and I know we are going to love exploring all of them together.

Jude wore his special tie t-shirt that his Aunt Chrysi made for him. She did such a fantastic job; I totally think she should make these and sell them! He looked fantastic and I think he really knew that this party was for him. He was SO excited when he was sitting with me at the dinner table (a yummy Mexican meal!).  When we got home after the shower, he was really wound up and wanted to just squeal and play.
My mom also brought over my old elephant box from when I was a kid, stuffed full of some of my favorite books from childhood, as well as my Paddington Bear from my Grandmother. It brings back such good memories to look through old favorites; they’re like friends that you rediscover. My hope for Jude is that he will enjoy words and their meanings. There is nothing like losing yourself in a good book.
Another really special gift we received was from Marilyn Fine, a dear lady at our church. The gift she chooses to give at baby showers is a precious soft little lamb that plays “Jesus Loves Me.” She’s given it to tons of babies over the years – many of the babies she’s given them to are now having babies of their own. What a special tradition! 

Jude, checking out his elephant box.

Hmmm, well, it’s a little bit of a tight fit, but fun nonetheless!

Um, did you see these trucks? So cool!

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    The Shingletons said,

    Did you get, “I’ll Love You Forever”? I got it when Jared was a baby and we read it over and over. I still pull it out everyonce in awhile and cry! My baby boy is that great big boy now. Does that mean I’m going to be the old lady soon?? Let me know if you got it or not! If not…I want to get it for you!

  2. 2

    RachelShingleton said,

    Oooh, no, I don’t think we got that one. I do get really misty every time I read “On the Night You Were Born.” All about how the polar bears danced and stuff.

    Six months have passed far too quickly for my liking. He’s getting too big too fast. I want to bottle him up!

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