An Artsy Family Outing

Every year, Simon and I look forward to the Arts Festival. It’s not that the art is really all that great, but the weather is usually fantastic, and the food is always a highlight. Nine years ago, we were seniors in high school (1999!) and had just started hanging out together. I don’t know how we decided to go to the Arts Festival, but it became our tradition, even when I came home from Pepperdine the next year. I think we’ve only missed it once in the past nine years. Last year, I was (barely) pregnant with Jude, but all I could think about was how fun it would be to bring him to this. Granted, we didn’t stay long last year as I was nauseated, and the food was not sounding so hot. Anyway, it was with great anticipation that we headed downtown tonight. 

At first, Jude was sad because it was rush hour (and you know how he hates traffic) and he was hungry. So I drove with one hand behind me, giving him a bottle. So safe, right? My arm was numb by the time we met Simon and put Jude in the stroller. haha
There’s always a great variety of food. Inevitably, we end up at the Gopuram Taste of India booth and chow down on yummy chicken tikka masala and naan. The wind was whipping like crazy  tonight, and I was just sure that I would end up with a lapful of masala. 
Finally we just wandered and hung out in the beautiful green park around the Crystal Bridge. It was the perfect lighting outside – the sun was starting to set, and it was just gorgeous. So of course I wanted to shoot photos of my two favorite subjects. 🙂

I love my boys.

Chilling in his stroller, checking out the scene.

Downtown OKC

Momma and Jude Bean (distracted)

Jude had never experienced grass until tonight. We regret to inform him that our grass is neither quite so lush nor quite so green. Sorry, darling.

We also enjoyed the annual Festival of the Arts dessert classic: Strawberries Newport. Jude made friends with some little girls and enjoyed listening to the live music. All in all, such a delightful night. We drove home with the sunroof open and came home to a happy Mazie.


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    Erin Conrad said,

    Rachel, it’s so good to hear from you! Glad you liked the pics. I’ll probably be posting more because they might be the cutest family ever! Two things…how long have you and Simon been married and how did I not know that?! Second thing, I love the name Jude and he is quite adorable. Sounds like you guys are doing well!

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    […] that time of year again here in Oklahoma City — Arts Festival! You might remember our field trip from last year. What a difference 12 months makes. Super fun every year, and the food is always the highlight. […]

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