It’s raining… let’s look at books!

It’s a dreary day here. The rain is pouring out of the sky. I think the term “cats and dogs” might even apply. Plus, to add insult to injury, Jude and I both have colds, although he is faring better than I am. He’s such a happy camper; a little cough and runny nose isn’t getting him down. I, on the other hand, am feeling nasty. I’m glad he doesn’t appear to feel as gross as I do.
So, in honor of this rainy, snotty day, let’s stay in and have some fun. I’ve been wanting to write about some of my favorite well-designed children’s books for some time, and today is the perfect day to curl up on the couch in a blanket with a good book.

365 Penguins has become one of my new favorites. A cute little story about a penguin arriving to a hip family every single day for 365 days, it’s well-written and well-designed (err, illustrated).

Interior Spread - 365 Penguins
Printed with only three colors, too! Check out the way-cool house the family lives in, too (below).  I just love the penguins’ expressions, too. 
Interior Spread - 365 Penguins

We just got An Egg is Quiet in the mail last week. I had read about it on another design blog (I forget which – maybe The Artful Parent??). I have never seen such a beautifully-illustrated book. Not only are the eggs gorgeous (check out the variety of colors below!), but the typography is stunning as well. Even better, the majority of the eggs are illustrated at actual size. The author and illustrator have also done A Seed is Sleepy, which is equally intriguing. Oh, and of course it’s published by Chronicle Books, my most favorite publisher of fantastic art books. 

Interior Spread - An Egg is Quiet
Interior Spread - An Egg is Quiet

One of my favorite places to find cool books is Pottery Barn Kids. I like to check out their selection, and then I go to to buy them (they’re so much cheaper!). Anyway, Tools caught my eye a few months ago, and I had to get it.

It’s a great visual reference for the different types of tools used in various professions, including chefs, watchmakers, doctors, painters, etc. The author is a Japanese illustrator, and wouldn’t you know it — it’s another Chronicle book too! 🙂
Chef Spread - Tools
Chef Spread - Tools

Finally, a new favorite, courtesy of our friend Keri. At Jude’s book shower, Keri gave us three different cat books, one of which was Pat the Cat. I had never seen this  particular Little Golden Book; I was only familiar with Pat the Bunny (one of my childhood faves).
Some Favorite Books
It’s so sweet and vintage, plus it has all kinds of fun things to pull out and play with. Check out the squeaky teddy bear below!
Interior Spread - Pat the Cat
Even cooler, it has little things you can pull out and play with, like the “pencil” below, or the money that you can pull out of the Dad’s billfold. Too cute.
Interior Spread - Pat the Cat
Ok, it’s time for some lunch – Jude is hungry and so am I! Enjoy this rainy day!

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