Getting Settled

I am really enjoying getting settled into the new house. I was a little bit worried about how our stuff would fit into the new house. The seller had everything decorated in an “olde world style” as we refer to it, and we are definitely not of Ye Olde Worlde. However, I am pleasantly surprised. I feel like we have a great eclectic mix, and I look forward to continuing to design our living space around our varied taste.
I’m really liking this pendant lamp from Pottery Barn. At $149, it’s a pretty good price. I’d like to switch it out with the black wrought iron chandelier that is currently hanging in kitchen nook. Thoughts?
Here’s a view of the chandelier in the powder bath. Pretty and girly, plus it gives a really pleasant glow.
New artwork for the powder bath. I bought a set of Martha Stewart’s alphabet cards from Michael’s for $9.99 and framed a couple of them. There’s a really cool sea urchin one that I’ve got on the mantel right now. Anyway, I like how the black of the frame mirrors the black of the vanity.
I also switched out the mirror in this bathroom. The original one wasn’t cutting it for me. This one is so much more glamorous, in my opinion. Plus, the other mirror was, dare I say, a fat mirror. You know the kind – the one that makes you look like 10 pounds heavier and 5 inches wider than you actually are. Yeah. It had to go.
This is our upstairs bonus room. I don’t quite know what to do with this space yet, so it’s really in kind of a holding pattern for now. It is currently containing our West Elm daybed, as well as Jude’s bassinet (awww) and a few other things. I love the two windows. I’m so glad I finally get to use my fun Pura Vida PB Teen stripe shades. I got the window hardware from Target. They’re just so cheerful!
Aaaand, finally, the other bathroom. I absolutely loved the idea of this bathroom when we were looking at the house. At the time, there was no wallpaper, and I fell in love with the black, clean vanity, and the white shiny subway tile. The floor is a great black-and-white vintage pattern. It’s fantastic. It’s basically the Restoration Hardware bathroom I have always wanted! So imagine my dismay when we came into the house and found….


That’s right. Bunny toile wallpaper. Against my uber-cool, super-clean design subway tile, there was creamy, sweet, ye olde worlde bunny toile. I knew that once we owned the house, it was going to be the first thing to go. I know, I know. I love bunnies as much as the next girl. But even in my love of girliness and bunnies, it just had to go. So I’ve started ripping off the paper, and let me tell you, it is the devil.
I can’t wait to get this project finished. A few years ago, some friends of ours gave us this gorgeous mirror, similar to the one pictured below (ours is oval, though). We couldn’t ever use it in our old house because we would have had to rip out a medicine cabinet, and replace the drywall; far more work than we were interested in doing at the time. So we just hung on to it, and knew that it would be great somewhere else. It will look perfect in the bathroom once I get it finished.
This picture below is basically my inspiration for the bathroom. I don’t know that I will paint it blue like this, but I just love the overall look of the room. I think we’ll eventually need a sconce for improved lighting. I’m also planning on hanging up the framed prints from the old house’s striped bathroom (see below). It’s going to be so cute!

Ok, if you’ve made it all the way through this post, you’re a pro! Any design suggestions welcome!


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  1. 1

    Liz said,

    wow everything looks great! I wish I could design like that. Your pictures are always so crisp/sharp looking. Do you do something to them-or do you have a super-duper camera?
    I love the book rack and yes, the bunnies had to go!

  2. 2

    RachelShingleton said,

    Liz – thanks so much! I just upgraded to a new camera this year. I wanted something in between our Canon PowerShot and a digital SLR. I ended up getting the Canon G9 and I LOVE it. It’s bulkier than my little ol’ PowerShot, but not as clunky as an SLR. Plus, you can add different lenses and stuff to it. I shoot 99% of my photos on the Manual setting, rarely with a flash. It’s taken a lot of practice to get to where I’m happy with the results, plus a little refresher course from my photography class days in college. Oh, and I rarely photoshop. There are definitely some cool things that you can do in PS, but I just haven’t ever gotten around to messing with actions, etc.

  3. 3

    Kathleen said,

    Are you using an Emeco Chair as a step stool to tear down that bunny toile!?

    Anyways, I love your place. I love the youthfulness that you and your family bring to it. I love your neighborhood. And I love all the wallpaper. Bunny toile, aside, of course. 😉

  4. 4

    RachelShingleton said,

    Um, yes. I am totally using that chair as a stepstool to rip down bunny toile. 🙂

  5. 5

    The Shingletons said,

    LOVE IT! I’m hoping to come see it next week! The girls and I are coming to OKC! YEA! What’s up on Monday?? I’ll call JoAnne and make plans. We are wanting to go see Carolyn at the store also!
    Oh, and those outdated, “Olde World” decor can go home with me! Especially that chandelier! I’ll come ready to bargain! hehe
    Can’t wait to love on Jude!
    Love you,

  6. 6

    AnNicole said,

    Where did you find that new mirror? I’m looking for something just like that.

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