Friday Adventure in SF


Simon in the Sunset at Coit Tower
Simon in the Sunset at Coit Tower
I promised you a few SF photos, and I could probably bore you to tears with tons of them. We spent Friday morning hanging around and enjoying the city, with the plan to meet up at 1 o’clock at the hotel to go off on our good ‘n’ dangerous adventure (good ‘n’ dangerous is a famous phrase in our family — it goes back to the days of yore when my mom found a note in my brother’s jeans as she was doing laundry that was discussing some covert good ‘n’ dangerous plan that he and a friend had cooked up. Needless to say, said good ‘n’ dangerous adventure did not go down). Eric had rented us a 12-passenger van so we could all ride together; when Matthew saw Simon, he ran up to him and said, “Dad got us a BUS!” Matthew has such a way with words!   Eric was quickly dubbed The Van Master. 

Only Simon and I knew of The Good ‘n’ Dangerous Plan, other than Amy & Eric, obviously. We drove a good ways to Union City, and pulled into a parking lot. Stunned silence filled the bus/van as we all stared up at  That’s right — we were going indoor skydiving! Mom and Dad decided not to participate, but the rest of us (even 4-year-old Luke!) suited up into our outfits. It was definitely one of the coolest things that I have ever done. I am SO glad that they found it for us to do! 

The Flying Crew
The Flying Crew

You definitely feel like your face is going to peel off; the wind is pretty extreme. And it’s basically like that scene in the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory movie where they’re in the bubble room and they have to burp to get down or else they’ll get sucked into the fan. That was always my favorite scene in that movie. 

Flying Rachel
Flying Rachel w/ instructor


Flying Eric
Flying Eric, aka The Van Master

It was seriously so much fun. I don’t know that I would ever jump out of a plane, but I would definitely do this again. It was just enough thrill! Afterwards, we loaded back up into the van/bus and the Van Master drove us through In-N-Out for milkshakes. Since we had our own transportation, we decided to make our way back into town via Coit Tower. The sun was just setting, and it was unbelievably beautiful. We enjoyed the view from the top via the rickety elevator. 

Dinner was had at Buca di Beppo after a long foray through traffic. We totally stuffed ourselves full of pasta and garlic and cheese. Simon and I decided to walk back to the hotel in lieu of the bus/van and it was a good thing, too, considering how much we had eaten. Blechh. Such a bad feeling, overeating. 


Flying Matthew

Flying Matthew

Flying Simon

Very Serious Flying Simon


Rachel & Simon

Rachel & Simon at Coit Tower

Coit Tower at Sunset

Coit Tower at Sunset


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  1. 1

    kermit said,

    Those flying photos are hilarious. There is a seafood restaurant on the coast of Georgia that has a hand dryer in the bathroom that does the same thing to your hands…can see the bones and nuckles it blows so hard. I put my face in it… I used to know a guy named Al Boudreau who designed wind tunnels for prototype aircraft. I thought it was for planes. Now I know the truth. It was for humans!

  2. 2

    Kathleen said,

    Fun! Simon’s expression is cracking me up.

    I went skydiving a few years ago and it was easily the most terrifying experience of my life. But that looks like a blast!

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