Happy Birthday to Dad

I almost let the day get away without me wishing my sweet Dad a happy birthday here on the blog. Today Jude and I took him some birthday flowers up to his office. I was happy to see that his office was all decorated by the nurses. 

Dad, you are the best. I cannot imagine a more patient, loving, and understanding parent than you. You are so special and wonderful. I hope that you have had a fabulous day, and that you know how much we love you.

I admire your sense of humor and the way you tell a story. I remember laying in bed as a little girl and begging you to tell me a story about when you were young. Like about Blackie the RaceHorse/Chicken. You promised me once that you would always buy me books as long as I would read them, and I respected that. 

But more than anything, you are a godly daddy and husband, and that is what sets you apart. My whole life, you have told me that I am special and the only one of my kind, but the truth is, Dad, that you are the special one. You are a one of a kind.


p.s. – have we seen the brain lately?


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    Glenda Mom said,

    Precious husband. Wonderful father, A Godly man! The eyes of the LORD are running to and fro through the whole earth looking for the man whose heart is perfectly his,,,so he can make himself strong in his behalf.

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