Cupcakes are the New Burritos

Let the Christmas season officially begin! I hope your Thanksgiving was SO much fun! Ours definitely was. First of all, I would like to say to everyone who commented on my last post, thank you. Thanks for your well-wishes and your thoughts. I really am thankful for that. 

Anyway, we had a long weekend full of food and family. And we are full, that is for sure. My sister and I helped my mom to coordinate Thanksgiving. As I mentioned before, we always have a lot of extended family and friends at our house for Thanksgiving, and so it’s always so much fun. My parents love to entertain at their house, and we are happy to help.  We had lunch at my parents’ house at 2:00 and then headed to Simon’s parents’ house around 5:30. We managed to polish off my homemade mac ‘n cheese, which was absolutely delish, if I do say so myself.

Friday, we slept in and hung around our house. Because Simon worked retail for 8 years at the Gap, it’s like he feels this seismic, otherworldly pull to the mall on Black Friday. I am no longer lured; unless there is just  the most fantastic deal to be had, I’m not messin’ with it. However, it was like we were pulled into the great vortex of consumerism and we were nearly sucked in until we drove past the mall parking lot and saw that it was stuffed to the brim. Um, no, thank you.

We had lunch on Friday at the Iguana downtown, and then followed it up with a cupcake next door at Sara Sara Cupcakes. Is it just me, or are cupcakes so the new burritos? We laughed on and on about the evolution of food trends. Once upon a time, frozen yogurt and baked potatoes were the hot trend. These days, it’s burritos and cupcakes. This place was pretty cute. They took an abandoned rickety house from the 20s or so, and completely remodeled it. It’s like my dream come true: white walls, white floors, white furniture and a great big white lantern. I hope they succeed; it’s a cool interior and the cupcakes were pretty good too.

My sister made my mom’s special recipe, Bean Supreme, for the whole family on Friday night, so we made our way on out to Mom & Dad’s. I had taken all of my glittered pumpkins over for centerpieces on T-giving, so, in our great family tradition, we chunked them out over the back fence that afternoon. Sounds totally hick, doesn’t it? 🙂  My parents live almost out in the country, and they have a great big retaining wall in the backyard that overlooks all these trees and fields. As a kid, we always threw the nasty rotten easter eggs out over the back fence, or in the summer, we threw the watermelon rinds out there. Nothing that wasn’t perishable — no trash or anything like that. So this time, we threw the pumpkins. My nephews thought this was pretty cool. The idea was to figure out how we could launch them, fashioning wanna-be slingshots out of trashbags. Jude was particularly pumped up by this masculine display of testosterone, and shouted and growled a lot.

The Great Pumpkin Toss

The Great Pumpkin Toss


Laughing at his cousins

Laughing at his cousins

Who knows, maybe there will be a pumpkin patch out in the brush next year thanks to us. Saturday was rounded out by shopping for holiday decorations. It really made me happy that Simon wanted to help decorate and get our house fixed up. We are living next to the OSU Griswolds, and they have OSU decorations gracing their yard. Bah. I did notice, though, that on Saturday night they had turned off all their OSU decor in light of OU’s fabulous win against them. Guess they didn’t want to get egged.

Also a big thanks to Simon’s folks for keeping Jude the Dude so we could go on a real live date. Our first in quite awhile. We went to the movies to see Quantum of Solace. Love that Daniel Craig. Love him!


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