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Oh my. J.Crew, you have my heart. Along with my husband, my baby, and my iPhone. Oh yeah, and my camera too. While perusing the site (such good sales lately), I saw this jacket and thought, oh, too, cute. Lovin’ it!

Lovin’ that it’s a trench! Lovin’ that it’s white! Lovin’ that it’s .. ooh, leather? Fun! Eek! Not lovin’ that it’s (gulp) $1300?!?!?

::Sigh:: Well, a girl can dream. Movin’ on . . .

Cute little metallic ballet flats, and in such an interesting metallic color!

I was also happy to see that these tumbled leather bags are on sale. This is pretty much an exact knockoff of a Prada bag I was eyeing from last spring. Same gorgeous coral color, same gorgeous tumbled leather, same gorgeous shape. At $150, you can’t beat that for a really fantastic leather bag. This one is a keeper – and in such a fun color, it really will brighten up any plain ol’ outfit.

And finally, because I can never resist their jewelry, I saw this also on their sale site. A fun long necklace with an elephant charm – a cute reminder to me of my childhood and how much I loved elephants in every shape and form. My mom can attest to this. 🙂 

Ok, and along the veins of “a girl can dream” regarding the white leather trench, did you see this fabulous little DIY project inspired by J.Crew? Over at OrangeBeautiful, they reinvented the Astrid jacket by taking an Old Navy jacket and some ribbon and voila – fantabulousness. I almost prefer their version over the original. I’m tempted to try this one!


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  1. 1

    gunner6ixx said,

    About a month back, we did a post about J. Crew. They are THE Authority! I feel like they have a timeless quality about their clothes, damn near everything looks great!


  2. 2

    Leigh said,

    I love the trench coat, but I am not sure why it is $1300. This would be one that I would have to see in person.

    I also bought the elephant necklace. I am waiting for it to come in the mail. I hope it is just as gorgeous in person.

  3. 3

    Tara said,

    What a cool DIY idea…I think I like the Old Navy version better as well.

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