Have a Happy Christmas!

It’s finally Christmas Eve! Our shopping is done, our presents are wrapped, and now we can just enjoy these last few hours before the melee begins. 🙂  Tonight we will go to church for the candlelight & carol service and then go to Simon’s grandmother’s house to hang out, eat, and open presents. From there, we will spend the night at my parents’ house and spend Christmas day with them. 

How lucky we are to spend time with our loved ones. Right now, I am watching a very-close-to-walking little boy crab-walk his way across the floor to his toys. I look forward to watching him with his six cousins and to hanging out with everyone. And soon enough, we’ll have to pack up our ravaged Christmas tree and all the decorations, and a new year will begin. But what a year it’s been! And we have so much to be thankful for, and so very much to look forward to.

I hope that you are having a marvelous day, and that it only continues to get better.


Rachel, Simon, & Jude


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  1. 1

    kermit said,

    . . . for it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child himself.”


    You captured two magical moments with Jude. Santa looks so real! But, Jude, in the first one, looks very much like a real child, that is, a child full of wonder. May all three of you be real children forever. -Uncle Kermit

  2. 2

    We missed you guys and I hope that you all had so much fun! xoxoxo,Rach

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