Master Bedroom Mania

In my biggest dream, my master bedroom would be like a most fabulous hotel: chic, sleek, comforting and inviting. I want it to be a haven, and utterly relaxing. And while we have definitely come a long way from our teeny tiny little master bedroom-ette over on 67th Street (more like a closet!), this room comes with its fair share of challenges as well. Originally, there were two closets in the master bedroom. The seller of the house had them ripped out, and attached a ginormous master closet, thus leaving these two little niches where the closet once stood (see photo below). That space in the center, in between the niches, is where the fireplace is on the other side.It’s kind of an awkward little space. Yes, it’s good that we have room for a dresser, etc., but they tend to be a little bit dark in what is already a cave-like room. So my goal is to bring in as much light through lamps, etc. as possible. Someday we need to trade out the pretty, yet useless, light fixture that is hanging. The light it puts out is, well, laughable. 

I haven’t ever really shown the niche on the left; we bought that cabinet at Ikea this weekend to set the TV on b/c up until now, it’s been sitting on a tiny little ottoman/cube thing. Ideally we’d like to have a sleek, chic flatscreen TV there someday. If there were no TV, I’d have a lamp and a mirror and some other things there, make it look better. But this is a work in process, and we’re taking baby steps here. We’re definitely making progress.

And what about that space in between? I don’t really know what to do with it at all. If anyone has any suggestions, plllllleeeeeeaaaaase send them over. I am asking for help here!I’m also on the warpath for a paint color. I’m thinking pale green, Simon’s thinking blue. Regardless, it must be light and airy. Any suggestions on paint color would also be greatly appreciated!Ikea really is the best when it comes to accessories. The two black frames on the wall (in the photo above) were such a deal, and they make my vintage travel posters look so much better! What a steal for a great frame + a mat! Yippee! I’m wishing I had bought more of them.Also at Ikea, I got a bookshelf rail for Jude’s room. I really love the effect, and I’m wishing I had bought a few more of these as well. The display options are endless here!  It’s just the perfect little ledge. And just so darn cheap, which makes us all happy.

And now a gratuitous photo of my nearly 15-month old child, who is starting to seem less like a baby more and more every day. We have survived pink eye and screaming fits, and are plugging away towards good health! Here he is chatting on his daddy’s iPhone. He likes to hold the phone (or a remote control, for that matter) up to his ear and say, “Hi. Hi. Hi.”


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    Kathleen said,

    A flat screen TV mounted on that middle section would be pretty fab. What about a floor to ceiling mirror? That could be nice. Also, a free-standing fireplace in one of those nooks could be rad! I also really liked the blue in your old master bedroom. An even darker more dramatic royal blue could be chic. Okay, enough of my incoherent mind-dump brainstorm.

  2. 2

    Sara said,

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw the nooks was built-ins! You could do ones with drawers on the bottom to replace the dressers, and then open shelf space on the top (including space for a flat screen).

  3. 3

    Bridget said,

    I can’t really tell how much space is between the bed and the front wall, but if you do the built in idea, one of your dressers could perhaps go on that middle wall (TV on top?).

    The crown molding is pretty, but the tan is bland for me. Maybe the blue-ish color that is in the stripes on your bedspread? It would at least be brighter than the tan…it may look too little-kiddish though. Hmm…

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