I love my cousins & they love me too

I really think I have the best nieces and nephews ever, all six of them. I’m reminded of this every time we all get together and hang out. They’re all just such good kids, and they get along so well. Each and every one truly loves each other, and it delights me to see how much they dote on Jude.  Plus he totally eats it up; he can’t get enough of them. The girls love on him, the guys tote him around. It’s just the best. I really enjoyed taking pictures of Jude with Luke and Blythe this weekend at lunch. They were just too funny, kissing on Jude, hugging him, patting his head. Then there was a rousing game of peekaboo, always a crowd pleaser. Hope your weekend was great! I took off a little early last week for our Girls+Jude Mid-Week trip to Dallas where we shopped, ate, and slept to our hearts content. There was also copious consumption of gelato. Hey, mommas need their dairy, right? Christa and Julie were troopers to put up with me and Jude, who really was a good little traveler, albeit a crabapple from time to time. I would probably have fussed too if i had had to go shopping nonstop. Wait, no, I wouldn’t.

Anyway, I picked up some knobs at Anthropologie for the Ikea cabinet in our bedroom, as well as for the upstairs bath. So excited – such an inexpensive way to turn something around. And there was another trip to Ikea, and I got a few more of those cheapo floating shelves. I think they’ll look cool upstairs in the bonus room.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a birthday party for a couple of my cousin George’s kids at Pump It Up. We grabbed lunch w/ my sibs over at Cafe Plaid in Norman and then headed on home for a deelightful afternoon nap. Sunday was church, lunch, and another nap!


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    JJB said,

    Hi Rachel,
    I’ve been a lurker, but I love your house and the design inspiration you share. As my husband and I have just bought our first house, we’ve just begun to start decorating. I wanted to let you know how inspired I was by the San Francisco prints in your bathroom–I adapted the idea with WPA national park posters. I got them hung this weekend, and they look awesome. Take a look! http://www.flickr.com/photos/janaandrob/3264189571/

    Now, if I can just find a bright green console table for our foyer… 🙂

  2. 2

    Hi! I’m so glad you’ve been reading! Thanks so much! Ok, I am TOTALLY in love with your WPA prints. Where did you find them? The colors are so beautiful in them — gorgeous!

    As for the bright green console . . . have you checked your local Pottery Barn? They had theirs on sale not too long ago. 😉 Or I could just have my Aunt Judy come over and paint yours; that’s how mine ended up green!

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