Pick a paint, any paint

Tonight when Simon was on his way home from work, he called home, as he tends to do, and we discussed the day.

“What did you do today?” he asks.

“Um, oh, well, you know, grocery shopping, child-raising, oh, and um, painting,”  I respond.

“Painting.” This is a statement, not a question.

Poor Simon. Somewhere between yesterday and today, we have moved from just paint chips tacked to the wall to full-on painted swatches all over the room. 

“So I guess we’re committing,” he remarks.

He really is so good to indulge me. I’m a lucky girl! Now if we could just decide on a color.Forgive the goofy photo; I shot it with my iPhone. All but one of the swatches is Benjamin Moore. The third swatch is actually the same color that I painted the upstairs bathroom (RIP, Bunny Toile). Right now, the far right swatch is winning out.

Ideas? Suggestions? I’m feeling ambiguous right now about it all.


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  1. 1

    Kathleen said,

    I’m leaning towards the more greyish blue (far left or far right). It’s more romantic and less babyish.

  2. 2

    mribaro said,

    I agree – far right is the most pleasant.

  3. 3

    Glenda Mom said,

    the right one is the color that our wallpaper is in our bedroom/ I love it!

  4. 4

    Yeah, the far right one is our fave; the second one I absolutely abhor.

    Really, though, I’m not just madly in love with any of them… ::sigh::

  5. 5

    katie said,

    I like the far right best, but I would like an icier tone (does that even exist?)

  6. 6

    Victorianyc said,

    I like the far right best as well. BM Beacon Gray is also a pretty color.

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