Redux: My childhood bedroom

I’ve spent a lot of time in this room over the years. When I was born, Mom and Dad had started building their house, the one that they’ve been in ever since. They had this fantastic designer come in and do practically the entire house. It is a dizzying, gorgeous display of color, but well-done color.

Mom particularly loves her wallpaper, even to this day. Now that’s sayin’ something, when you still like the same wallpaper, even nearly 30 (gulp – am I really getting that close to 30?) years later. So whenever we talk about doing stuff to their house, she always puts the kibosh on removing any of the wallpaper. Nope. No way, no how. It is staying put.

While I eventually migrated out of this bedroom into another one as a kid, I have since stayed in my original room many a night. For one thing, it has the most comfortable bed in the entire house. And it’s just a cheerful, happy room. It probably gets the most sunlight of any of the bedrooms in the house, and that makes it all the happier.

However, as I surveyed the bedroom this past weekend, I thought, wow, I wonder what I would do to this room, if I just had carte blanche to pick anything. Now wouldn’t that make a fun blog post!

The walls are such a gorgeous vibrant green as you can tell from the photos above, but I think that this room could pop a whole lot more if it included some pink and/or yellow accents. Not a lot, mind you – the wallpaper is already pretty bright, so my goal would be to let that be the loudest thing in the room.

Despite having a kingsize mattress, the bed really does need a kingsize headboard. It’s currently sporting an oldie-but-a-goodie queensize headboard that looks a bit dwarfed. And a really beautiful green lamp on the one bedside table is being lost amidst the green paper (ahem – Mom, if you ever decide it needs a new home, we know of a good one. 🙂  Plus, there’s a new lampshade somewhere in its future!). It may need a new home in another room at least to really show off its potential.

Ok, so here’s one set of ideas:
Flower bedroom

Flower bedroom – by rachelshingleton on

I found two headboards/bedframes that I liked, so I had to do two different designs. I love this gorgeous yellow bed, and it’s from Ikea of all places. It’s very similar to a bed featured in Martha Stewart a few months ago that was striking. The little girl in me has always wanted a four-poster bed, but I think this one would look gorgeous against the bright wallpaper in their room.

The other pieces are fairly simple and speak for themselves. I’ve tried to maintain a lot of the same feel and character of the rest of their house. That artichoke lamp is so something that would’ve been in their house at some point.

Now for the second set:
flower room 2
flower room 2 – by rachelshingleton on

As I look at it all together, it looks reeeeeeaaaaaally white.  I think that’s mostly because the image of the bed takes up so much space and it shows no bedding. But that headboard is GORGEOUS and would look amazing against the wallpaper. Very Dorothy Draper. Again with a funky lamp (maybe a different color lampshade, s’il vous plait) and a great bedside table. Also I love that Chinese garden-stool inspired side table in the yellow, so I included it in both sets.

Ok, now about that long chair pictured above. Because my sibs and I tend to spend a whole lotta time out at Mom & Dad’s, they really do need space for all the grandkids to sleep. Currently, it’s a big plastic yellow car bed (see photos above) which the kids love. But as they get bigger, they’ll need more room and a more sophisticated option. My vote is for this chair that folds out into a bed.


If they don’t want the chair in there at all, I would vote for  that West Elm parsons-inspired bookshelf in there on the bottom right. It could hold baskets for storage, books, lamps, photos– really anything.

Wait, we didn’t talk about window treatments, did we? I couldn’t find a photo, but I know exactly what I would pick. I would find some gorgeous white linen drapes that were edged in a colorful pink or yellow grosgrain ribbon. I haven’t decided about the drapery hardware, but something nice. Probably brushed nickel.

Ok. There’s my thoughts. This was a lot of fun! I should make-believe design more often!  Love you, Mom!


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  1. 1

    OK part of 2 NOT THE LIGHT. The green lamp is mine. I REALLY LIKE THE BED!

  2. 2

    NO THIS IS MOM I love the artichoke lamp. Matches the pineapple one

  3. 3

    The chair is fabulous mom

  4. 4

    I like the bird lamp MOM

  5. 5

    Rachel my beloved daughter, Before you were even thought of, We met this most amazing interior designer from Housely Brothers furniture store in Oklahoma city. 1975 I was–we were- longing for color. there must be more than avocado and beige. He asked us if he could be free to do what he loved. It always was more than perfect. He picked out the most vibrant colors–more than we could have ever dreamed or thought about. It took him about 3 months. There were white kitchen cabinets with emerald green striping,White bathroom cabinets with green stripes, with a couple of great white ceramic monkeys in the extra bathroom and kitchen. Then he added beautiful plush velvet Karastan glistening emerald bright green carpets. They don’t even have this color anymore. They were expensive. but they are as beautiful today, though a little worn in the hallways. Always go for top quality on major things like carpets and wallpaper. The wallpaper was the most expensive thing in our house. How worth it. Its all beautiful, not a faded spot, 28 years later. Also thanks Kermit, ( My wonderful brother who was our builder) You sometime wondered why I was so determined …. this girl wouldn’t compromise or budge,
    This was the foundation. Wallpaper and carpet. When we were planning our new house in 1980 1981 So, I did every thing possible to exactly recreate everything. He had wished that we had a brighter house with lots of light. Now we did– I hunted down the lady from Murrays wallpaper to replace the wall paper. I remember bringing you out to the house to meet Mrs. Murray.(Murray’s wallpaper on 23rd street near Walker)
    You were in your basket wearing a cute pink rosebud long dress and hat. Probably 1 month old. Even then as a tiny baby you responded to color. The rest is history. I wouldn’t replace a bit of furniture that he had chosen. I even put in in the very same arrangement. The house was bigger-
    I have always wished that somehow he could come back and help brighten up his wonderful ideas 33 years ago . Your daddy was wonderful to do this for our family. IT was such a big investment at the time,,,,,,
    Yesterday, when you posted your blog, I was astounded. It took a little time for me to realize just what was happening. God does have another designer who could feel all the dreams and desires of my heart. Its you RACHEL!!! Lets dream ! my beloved daughter! Lets think on the possibility of doing a little at a time–( only with dads blessings.) My heart is delighted. I will be very patient and understanding, It would be fun to think about , because I KNOW that you feel these things in your heart. Its hard for me to change even a little of the things I love, but I LOVE NEW BRIGHT FRESH CLEAN THINGS. You have shown me there are still wonderful bright things out there. MOM

    May I leave a note of thankfulness to MR BOB BLAIR , who passed away. You were wonderful. You touched the lives of everyone who has ever stepped into our home. THANK YOU for God’s gift of absolutely amazing color and freshness You gave us a place of brightness and joy to thrive in. Love, RICHARD AND GLENDA

  6. 6

    This is mom today I really like the yellow bed

  7. 7

    I like the yellow bed, too. However, as I think of it, it probably won’t fit due to the ceiling fan. ::sigh:: If I had to pick between the two beds, though, I’d pick the other one for you. It’s so pretty.

  8. 8

    Mom, I think I’m still logged in on your computer at home, which is why your comments keep showing up as me. It doesn’t really matter, though –

    I totally love your comments here. I think Bob Blair & I would’ve gotten along great! 🙂

  9. 9

    chrysi said,

    This was so fun! I love your choices. You should do this for Earl’s room too!

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