JBF Spring Sale!

I posted on this over at my church blog, but the Just Between Friends consignment sale is happening next week from Monday to Saturday here in OKC. It’s an excellent resource for kids clothes of all sizes as well as toys, books, furniture, etc. I went last fall with some girlfriends from church, and I was amazed. If you are in need of good kids’ stuff, this is your place.

Now let me clarify. I was expecting this consignment sale to be . . . well, disorganized. But I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see how well-run and well-organized the JBF sale is. So. If you are wanting or needing anything for a child in your life, this is the place to get it. So many of the items (especially the baby items) are just gently used. Last fall, I got the cutest Pottery Barn Kids crib bedding for my mom’s house that was still in the package. And it was such a steal!

Ok, now for the info:

This is for the spring/summer sale (all clothes are for spring/summer)
March 23 – 28, 2009

Oklahoma State Fairgrounds~Cox Pavilion Building

Open Monday – Saturday

If you go later in the week, I believe they knock the prices down.


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