Happy Blog-iversary!

Tomorrow will be my official one-year blog birthday. One year and over 22,000 hits later, I’m thankful not only for the creative outlet this is for me, but also as a great way to remember what all has happened over the past year. I’m also grateful for all the friends & family who keep up with us here.

So. My computer is finally back up and running with a brand new, enormous hard drive, ready to be filled with files and photos. I’m really hopeful that this is now the end of the computer problems. For awhile at least! I would like a few more years out of this good ol’ PowerBook G4 before I let it RIP.

Let’s see, what else….  It’s been a beautiful week, weather-wise. I just love this time of year. It was a shame that Easter had to be a bit rainy, but the rest of this week has made up for it. We are also the proud new owners of a new garage door opener (ha– the things that get you excited as an adult!). 

I’m planning on getting some more photos and posts up this week now that I’m back up and running! Thanks!


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