Nothing is new

This past week, I worked on a surprise party invitation for one of my fave clients (love you, Miranda!). And while she ended up going a different design direction, I was pleased with how this one version turned out.surprise
And just proving that seemingly there are no new ideas in the world, I was checking out today, a graphic design/packaging blog, and stumbled on this Perrier packaging. I love it – Perrier Conversations.

What goes around comes around! Maybe I subconsciously saw this somewhere and it popped up again. Weird!


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  1. 1

    Kathleen said,

    I hope Dave doesn’t read your blog! 😉

    LOVE the perrier design. I also really like the Charles Schwab “Talk to Chuck” logo.

  2. 2

    mrslimestone said,

    Just found your blog via J+K and wanted to drop you a note that I’m really enjoying it. You have a great style and writing “voice”. Happy Friday.

  3. 3

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I’m pleased as punch – I’m surprised at how much I love my little blog.

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