Halloween Wrap-Up

The gnome’s first real trick-or-treating experience was hilarious and ultimately very memorable. I am SO glad we were able to be home from the Mayo Clinic in time. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!

He can kinda also double as an elf, come Christmas.

It was 70 degrees outside, and so we had a pretty good turnout of trick or treaters. While Simon and Grandma Jo took Jude trick or treating (he learned to say “Treat” but that was about it), I stayed on the front porch and handed out the candy. Gotta love it when people roll up in their car, hop out of the backseat, and come up to your door with no bag and just stuff the candy you give them in your mouth. Then they hop back in the car and roll on to the next street. Awesome.

Jude and Grandma Jo. We’re so glad she got to be here for this! It was too fun!

On to the next house! Go go go!

There are no pictures of me and J because I was behind the camera all night. Oh well, next year.

Say “Cheese!”

Our neighbor kids, who live for Halloween. They had all kinds of inflatables and tombstones and decorations in their yard. They were definitely excited about trick or treating!

On the radar this week:
Taking the 2-year-old(!) to the pediatrician for his 24-month checkup.
Finishing up some projects.
Client meetings.
Lunch with girlfriends? Hopefully!


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