Dramatic? Of course. It’s Oklahoma weather! The weathermen told us that the ice and snow combo coming our way this past Thursday would rival that of the Big One in December 2007. That was the storm that hit right after Jude was born and left us all at Mom & Dad’s with NO POWER for a WEEK. Why didn’t we go somewhere else, you ask? Because nobody had power. We really all thought we were going to go crazy. We were eating sandwiches by candlelight. Finally, some hotels started getting power, and so we moved into a hotel (even Mazie the Chihahua got to go) for a few days. Jude was only a few weeks old. He was at the height of colic. I remember it fondly well. Apparently other Oklahomans still remember that storm too. It was enough to make everybody consider getting a generator.

Plus, after the crazy Christmas Eve snow we got this year, I think everybody was thinking they ought to take the weathermen seriously this time. Hence, the Snowpocalypse. I went to the dreaded Wal-Mart on Wednesday (which was, incidentally a 65-degree day) and it was insane. The aisles were a mess. People were acting like we would never see civilization again.

But on Thursday, the ice came, and then it was followed by snow. We thought we might go crazy being cooped up at home another day, so on Friday we decided to make a go of it, and leave the house. Taking our lives into our own hands. Mom and Dad thought they were going stir crazy, too, so it was good to come over and hang out. The snow really is pretty; we don’t get enough of it to be sick of it, and still think of it as a novelty. Jude LOVED it. He and Simon went to the park by our house and got interviewed by the news. They were on Channel 5, and it was pretty cute. I even took pictures of the TV, that’s how proud I am.
Simon & Jude on TV
Poor kid – I had dressed him SO crazy in multiple layers. He was wearing 2 hats, 3 layers of pajamas, and his firetruck boots along with his puffy coat and mittens. He couldn’t put his arms down — they stuck straight out because he was stuffed so tight.
Jude on TVHe was tasting the snow. Pretty cute.
Anyway, nothing like a few snow days! We’ve been holed up here at Mom & Dad’s now, eating and watching movies. Last night we had Williams-Sonoma’s chicken chili and cornbread, and it was divine. We are also STILL eating the giant pan of Pioneer Woman’s lasagna that I made earlier in the week. Hop over and try out the recipe; it was delish.
Backyard - snow
Wrought Iron fence
I got out in the snow to, um, go get the mail. Yeah, that’s right … actually, it was my excuse to get outside and play in the snow. I just love it. Now it’s Saturday, and it’s slightly warmer, maybe 35 degrees. The snow is starting to melt, but the ice is still underneath, and it’s probably going to be pretty messy for a few days.
801 Snow
Today we got out to play in the snow. I didn’t get to really have fun in the snow at Christmas because I was still recuperating from surgery.

Once again. Dressing my kid so silly for the snow. We left his boots at home, and I didn’t want his feet to get wet in his normal sneakers, so I wrapped his feet in plastic bags. I know, I know. So humiliating for him.

He loves eating the snow. Little cold red hands!


Here, Daddy — try some!


Rachel the Snow Angel

Snow Angel Rachel

Try it, Jude!


Grandmother & Grandaddy watched from the comfort of the indoors.



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  1. 1

    Suzanne said,

    how cute! I love that his feet are wrapped in plastic bags! So fun that they were on the news!

  2. 2

    Aunt Cheryl said,

    I am homesick. Especially as I see your Mom and Dad waving from your bedroom window. I want to be there too!!!! We had some snow yesterday too. I faced the window as I was doing e-mail and just watched to big flakes blow around….so pretty. It didn’t stick. Then last night we had an INCREDIBLE moon that lit up everything like a spotlight. We were tempted to play with our moon shadows but resisted the temptation and went to bed!

  3. 3

    UK said,

    THANX for the extra PIX. Love them. How do you spell, “Oh” ? with a sort of longing sigh at the end?

  4. 4

    Aunt Patsy said,

    Ditto with the notes from Aunt Cheryl and UK.

    we are having 60 plus weather here with sunshine. A friend promised that when it snows at his place (about 40 miles from here but it is in the mountains), he will let us know so we can get a glimpse of ‘real snow’!

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