We love our neighbors. Ever since they moved in last summer, Jude has been besties with cutie pies Fletcher & Ella next door. Last week, during spring break, we tried to go to the zoo with them and their mom, Joanna. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her and even though our talks are punctuated by interruptions from the kiddos, I think she’s a cool girl.
You may remember Joanna from the poster project we did a few months ago as a fundraiser for the kids’ school. She shoots some pretty great photos.

From Joanna.

Anyway, she sent me some of these from our adventure last week. We didn’t make it to the zoo; apparently everybody in OKC thought that it was a good idea, too, so we avoided the crowds and went to Unpluggits instead and painted, glittered, and stamped to our hearts’ content.

From Joanna.

Partners in crime. 🙂

From Joanna.

I hung up some of our art from that day in the kitchen so Jude could remember all the fun we had. 🙂 I think I enjoy it more than he does.

Art in the kitchen

Jude @ Unpluggits

Jude @ Unpluggits


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