Jude’s first baseball game

Last week, we went to Jude’s first baseball game to see his beloved uncle Braden (whom he calls “Cocky” for whatever reason – hilarious). Braden’s a senior and he’s an amazing baseball player. It was the perfect weather for a game, and we enjoyed hanging out with everybody and cheering on the Irish.

Mimi Kim & Jude

Jude and his Mimi, my birth mother

Mimi Kim & Jude

Holding his prized baseball from Coach Wade

OH HAPPY DAY! Jude got a baseball from the coach in the practice facility. Lucky duck.


Our favorite player! Go #3!

"Run, Cocky, Run!"


Papa Joe & Jude

Jude and his Papa Joe.

2 Sonic drinks & a hamburger

Could it have been the best day ever? Two Sonic drinks, a hamburger, and his racecars. Oh, and a baseball too.


Uncle Braden & Jude

And then the crowning moment – getting to be on the field with Braden after the game. Braden is so sweet to Jude and it just makes me smile.

No. 3


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  1. 1

    Lisa said,

    That last picture is just the cutest thing ever! Definitely a framed black and white for his uncle. What a fun day.

  2. 2

    Hi, I don’t even know how I stumbled across this now, I think I opened a new tab with you in it and I’ve only just found it now. Have to say, I think I’ve just stumbled across a little plop of fun! Your Jude looks heaps, like crazy heaps, like my nephew. Love the rosy cheeks!

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