A Great Insight into OKC Shoppers

This will probably only be of interest to you Oklahomans, but did you hear the news that Tulsa is getting an Anthropologie? This isn’t making many people in Oklahoma City too happy. Seems like we get passed over too many times in favor of Tulsa. Saks Fifth Avenue is there, as well as Restoration Hardware, and now Anthropologie. BUMMER.

So what’s the problem? This article in the Daily Oklahoman on Sunday answered these questions and more very effectively interestingly. The bottom line according to those interviewed in this article? That we need to spend more of our money here in the state to lure prospective retailers. But this seems to be a catch 22 – why would I want to spend my money on the stuff here if I know I could get what I really wanted elsewhere? Is it not enough to think that there are enough people in Oklahoma who travel out of state to shop? One interviewee says, “Shame on you” for this practice. Um, I beg to differ – shame on you retailers for missing out on an excellent opportunity.

If Oklahoman shoppers are willing to travel over 3 hours to shop, just think about what we’d actually be spending if we had the opportunity here locally.

Anyway. Hop on over, read the article, and let me know what your thoughts are. I’m interested to hear what other OKC shoppers have to say and think on the matter.

edited to add a few more thoughts Monday, April 12, 2009.


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  1. 1

    Carrie said,

    I read that article this morning as well, totally agree with you. I was excited to see they confirmed The Container Store was looking for a location in OKC. The promise is at least exciting.

  2. 2

    Keri said,

    UGH!!! I read the article too, made me so mad/sad!! I WANT ANTHROPOLOGIE!! Grrrrr!! I completely agree…we supposedly spend all our money outside of the state, but they want us to stop and spend locally?? huh? does not make sense.

  3. 3

    Seems counter intuitive to think that OKC is not ready for some of these coveted retailers when they have customers who regularly travel hundreds of miles to purchase their goods.

    If customers already have the disposable income to travel just to shop, wouldn’t it be a no-brainer to come to them and have the chance at providing even more goods to their loyal customers.

    Raise your hand if you have ever gone to a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Central Market and packed an ice chest or your suitcase to bring it all back home with you. For that matter, I would guess a large percentage of the clothes we (me & my family) buy are purchased out of state on vacation or online, because we can’t find the selection we want here in OKC.

    Good discussion topic.

  4. 4

    Amanda said,

    Actually, I am ecstatic that Anthro will at least just be an hour and a half away now! And even the possibility of an IKEA is encouraging, but yes!–totally agree with you about the catch-22. I also mourn the fact there is no great store for fresh produce (I am too lazy..er..busy usually to get to a farmer’s market in the summer) though I have heard rumors there may be some sort of fresh grocery on Western. *fingers crossed*

    BTW, love your blog. So awesome to feel there are a few kindred spirits here in OKC! 🙂 My hubs and I even tried out Aloft in the Plano/Frisco area because I read about it here. Same goes for Sara Sara Cupcakes. We have also steered clear of mullet wigs because of your faithful posting. LOL. Keep up the great work!

  5. 5

    Amanda, I know, Tulsa is better than Dallas. And I agree, IKEA is encouraging, but I’ll be shocked if it happens.

    I’m trying to get into the idea of the farmers’ market. I’m wondering when the Chesapeake one will open back up on 63rd. The one in Edmond opens this Saturday.

    Thanks also for your sweet comments. I’m glad you guys keep stopping by! And I’m totally cracking up about you guys steering clear of the mullet wigs. 🙂 HA!


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