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A little housekeeping ….

Hey – I see that a lot of you guys are still popping over here to check out the blog, so I’ve made it where the site will automatically redirect to Please don’t forget to adjust your blog readers and links. Merci!


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Moving Announcement!

Well, I couldn’t help myself. I got to playing around with WordPress and decided to go ahead and make the move. After a few weeks of work, I’m proud to send you guys over there. So would you please readjust your browsers to I would be ever-so-thankful. I’m really proud of the redesign and I think you’ll like it too. I’m also welcoming any and all feedback over there. Just leave a comment or fill out the contact form.

Also, look for posts on my 21st 29th birthday as well as the winner of my birthday giveaway.

Thanks, you guys!

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