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The most amazing painted walls I have ever seen

Now there’s a blanket statement if there ever was one. But I was perusing Aubrey+Lindsay’s blog today during naptime and I swear my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head, and my heart started pounding, and my hands started itching for a paintbrush, and then I’m sure somewhere Simon started sweating. Because these, my friends, are the most amazing painted walls EVAH. Lindsay linked to Lucy & Company, which is an interior design service in North Carolina. All the rooms are fantastically, colorfully decorated, and I am totally in love.

Have you ever seen such a great gingham pattern? I love the subtlety of the color – it’s not too bold or gender-specific. It could be quirky or chic or even (ugh) country. And while in this particular instance I’m not wild about the furniture, etc., I am totally in love with the pattern. Gorgeous.

The pale blue is so soothing, too.

Zigzags into stripes!

I’ll bet this one was extremely difficult and time-consuming, but the result is showstopping.

Don’t even get me started on the girls’ rooms. I’m over the moon.
This is wallpaper, but that enormous-scale mirror is so over-the-top chic.

Untraditional colors but so soothing and feminine.


The roman shade? Yes please.

So Dorothy Draper. This could be at my parents’ house.

Is it just me, or could this be our upstairs bonus room?

WOW – this ceiling is amazing.

A perfect way to highlight a niche that might otherwise be awkward.

Lucky twins!

Oops, wallpaper again – but so so chic.

Wow. I am totally in love. Hop over to Lucy & Company. Their entire portfolio is so inspiring.  If you love color like I do, you’ll be over the moon!


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Fantastic Find: vintage bamboo chairs

A few weeks ago, I went down to Norman, OK (home of the Sooners!) for the afternoon. Every time I go to Norman, feeling all nostalgic about my college youth (ha), I hit up Bill’s Used Furniture. Bill’s is located in the old Pentecostal church. Simon and I used to frequent it all the time, and some of my favorite finds have come from Bill’s. Namely, these two lovelies:

A steal for $50, and then recovered for $35 with Amy Butler fabric. And then this one, too:

I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it was definitely a steal. I saw a red painted version of it at Bill’s this last time I went, but it was $95, waaaaay too much for what is usually for sale @ Bill’s.

So it was with great joy & delight when I stumbled upon a pair of these bamboo chairs for $65. Total.

I have been wanting some Chinese Chippendale chairs forever, and while these aren’t exactly those, they’re pretty darn close. And at such an amazing price! Yes, the seat fabric is super ugly, but who cares? I’m always game for a project! Right now, they’re happy up in my office, and I just grin like a fool whenever I see them. I called Simon right after I bought them: “GUESS what I got?!!??! Just GUESS!”

So. If you see any cool fabric that you think might work, send it on ovah. I have my eye on the new Joel Dewberry fabrics, but I might be just as happy with a solid linen in some fab color.

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Won’t you come stay?

Yippee! The guest bedroom transformation is complete! I got a few paint samples over the week after I posted about my inspiration here. It was a really easy little project and within a couple of hours, the job was finished. Everything’s put back into place now and is looking pretty and calming.

I kinda wondered how it would work out to have only the one blue wall painted, but I’m pleased with the result. Anything more might’ve been a wee bit dark.

The color, for reference, is Sherwin Williams’ Tempe Star. It’s pretty; compared to other blues, it’s almost greyish. It’s just really calming overall.

We spent a good deal of time at Sherwin Williams yesterday, and I am just so frustrated. We can’t seem to nail down the right green, although I thought we were close. Paint is so hard! Our walls look like this and I am getting tired of it:

So. We continue on.

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YES! I am so amped

Why, you ask? Because I finally ordered THIS:

YES YES YES! I am super excited. It will be here either Friday or Saturday. I’m thinking Saturday. Oh man. Can’t even WAIT!

Big big thanks to Mom & Dad for making this possible via Christmas money.

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Up up and away . . . upstairs

I’m a definite fan of our big bonus room (for lack of a better term) upstairs. It feels like a cozy little getaway with the angled ceilings and windowseats that look out onto the front yard. I frequently enjoy sitting in the windowseats with Jude and watching for Simon to come home from work. However, we don’t entirely have it all furnished or as we would like it. But that’s half the fun, right? It’s all in the thrill of the hunt. I got some more of those ledges from IKEA (love them!) because I had this vision of a display of a bunch of my design books; I’m sure that I will use it as a revolving display for various pictures and books.

Ideally, when I think of this room and how I would like it to function, I imagine a cozy hangout where you could sit and read books or maybe play games. It would also be a place where our kid(s) would one day do homework or play with their friends. In the shelf corner (above) I’d like to have a table that looks like this (but in white):And I might put chairs like this around them:

Then, here in the middle, where this rug and daybed is, I would have a similar setup to how it is now, but with different chairs. I imagine that one day we’ll move one of our other sofas from downstairs up here when we get a new sofa (hint, hint, Simon! cough cough) and then we also need some kind of coffee table.  We are also in need of some lighting of some kind. Lamps or something. It’s just a wee bit dark.

Here are some gorgeous inspiration photos that I’ve been hanging on to. Candice Olson was the designer, and I just love the final result. I can imagine our space turning out similarly.Did you see that round table in the middle photo? That’s exactly what I want for the corner.  ::sigh:: So gorgeous. Candice, will you come to our house, please? Love you!

I’m semi-obsessed with books. All kinds of books. Especially pretty books. I just want to be surrounded by them and have them available at all times. A good book is like a dear friend. I want them close and I don’t want to relegate them back to a library. Jude likes my books too, although he likes to pull them all off the shelves and make a huge mess. Doesn’t he know it takes forever to arrange them?!?!Anyway, there you go. There’s my inspiration for our upstairs space. Always a work in progress, but always fun to work on!

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I love stripes, but . . .

stripeapaloozaEven this one may be a little (ahem) much for me!

{via Desire to Inspire}

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Let there be stripes!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered this Dwell Studio for Target rug for Jude’s room (to place in front of his crib). I don’t know why I’ve been dragging my feet, but I’ve been wanting it for months. I saw this rug when the Dwell Studio stuff first came out, and for $79, it’s not exactly expensive for a 5×8 wool rug. I’ve read a few reviews from other people who have purchased this rug, and most seem to agree that for the price, the quality is pretty good. So, we will see. I’m excited; I think it will add a nice little zing to Jude’s room.

It also comes in a green version that’s pretty nice.

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