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Project in the works: Uptown Kids at Classen Curve

Sometimes it’s fun to see a project that’s in the works. I am super excited about being part of the Uptown Kids retail project. My sister-in-law Carolyn and her husband are opening an upscale kids’ boutique in the Classen Curve. It’s an exciting location, too — the Curve has been in development for awhile, and some of the hottest restaurants in the metro are located there with lots of other retail and restaurants opening soon. Carolyn is working with architect Rand Elliott and his Elliott + Associations architecture firm (also the same architects for the Classen Curve development overall). Collaborating with E+A has been nothing but absolutely inspiring. Their devotion to detail and perfection is legendary, and I wish I could show you what the store is going to look like, but you’ll just have to wait ’til the grand opening this summer!

Let me just say this – Oklahoma has never seen anything like this. And if the E+A portfolio of projects is any indication, it is nothing short of fabulosity.

The FUEL restaurant they did for the Chesapeake Energy corporation looks so cool; I totally want to sneak in.

Oh, and POPS? Yup. Them, too.

So, in the meantime – a few shots from the past couple of weeks.

Oh, here’s one of RePUBlic. After a meeting the other day, we had lunch there. Delish.

One of the signage towers where the UptownKids name will go. We don’t get to do too much exciting on this one.

An outdoor patio area near the store location.

Hanging the coming soon banner! Whoo!

And for me, I am so happy to be doing a retail project. OF COURSE I love shopping so it’s only natural that I would love to do an upscale shopping project. It’s a graphic designer’s dream come true. Everything from the bags to the business cards is going to be fun. We’re also tossing around the idea of some fun t-shirts. I’ve got a few ideas stewing on more subway-based tees and ephemera.

I can’t wait to see how it progresses once they start the build out!


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Happy Birthday, Earl!

Yesterday was my brother Earl’s birthday, so my sister and I met up with him at Pachinko Parlor, just north of downtown. It’s a new little restaurant, kind of an asian fusion with sushi, Thai food, and other goodies. I really liked it. It’s particularly great to see funky concepts come into OKC. Pachinko Parlor is located in a part of town that’s recently been revitalized with new shops, cupcakeries, and restaurants. It’s so exciting to see – OKC just keeps getting better. I should’ve gotten an exterior shot of the place – there’s an enormous tree out front that’s pretty impressive.
Pachinko Parlor

Anyway, it was a nice sibling lunch – just me, Amy and Earl. I cannot remember the last time we’ve done something like that.
Amy & Earl
Afterwards, of course we had to go next door to Sara Sara Cupcakes.
Sara Sara

Sara Sara

I mean, what’s a birthday without cake?

Sara Sara

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OKC Locals – Giveaway Alert

If you’re in Oklahoma City, hop over to I am a Greedy Girl and check out her giveaway for the OKCity Card from the Allied Arts.  I’ve never grabbed one of these, but it sounds like it has a ton of great discounts. Definitely something to check out, especially if you like to eat out or check out local attractions. Or even if you need new ideas on things to do in the area.

Side note: did you know that the OKC Museum of Art is opening a new exhibition on costume design in film? I CANNOT WAIT. I WILL CAMP OUT TO BE FIRST IN LINE. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I really am excited. Opens May 6-Aug. 15.

Back to the business at hand. Go sign up for the giveaway and check out Caroline’s blog while you’re at it. It’s one of my faves!

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4th of July

Things I want to remember:

  • Simon got off work early on Friday. Yay!
  • Perusing the wares at the dollar store to decorate the stroller with for the 4th of July parade in our neighborhood
  • Dinner on Friday night at Jo’s Pizza in Edmond with the Lopers.
  • Subsequent snowcones at Shivers with the Lopers.


  • Laughing with Ben & Matthew about silly kids’ songs in the car.
  • Sadness over our AV cable not working in the car to hook up the iPod to the DVD player to watch silly kids’ songs podcasts.
  • Jude, eating a naked snowcone in the car (aka, no sugar syrup! just ice!)

  • Getting ready for the parade in our neighborhood.
  • Enjoying the sights and 500+people who turned out for the parade.
  • Taking first place in the stroller category! We win a blue ribbon and a plastic gold medal.
  • Being one of only two entries in the stroller category! haha

  • Meeting nice people in our neighborhood.
  • Seeing all the fun kids, people, pets, horses, and rigged-up floats (Hillbilly hot tub anyone? It is Oklahoma).

  • Making the mile-long trek to the park, where ice cold water and watermelon awaited us.

  • Feeling great pride in our community and once again feeling blessed in how much we love our home.
  • Marvelous lunch with Kim, Mike, and Forrest! Yippee! Bagel Cafe for all!
  • Heading to mom and dad’s for the rest of the weekend. We took tons of food!
  • Loving on my dear mom.
  • Grilling corn on the cob.
  • Preparing my blue velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and blueberry center.

  • Realizing that they really looked more like Smurf cakes than anything.
  • Sleepover at Mom & Dad’s with Ben & Luke Loper.
  • Driving with Simon, Jude, Dad, Ben, and Luke to watch fireworks in the rain at 9:30pm. Yes. IN THE RAIN.
  • Parking and watching the fireworks — Simon’s mom found us with her cute little doxie, Lily Belle (who was dubbed Liberty Belle for the day).
  • On the way back home, we watched a bunch of wackos set off fireworks around a giant striped tent out in the sticks. I asked Dad if he wanted to set off a firecracker for fun. He replied nonchalantly, “Nope. I love my thumbs.” And so he wants to keep ’em!  Hahaha!

  • Laughing that maybe Mom was setting off firecrackers at their house in our absence.
  • Surprising the Loper boys with a trip to Tulsa on Sunday morning.
  • Surprising Simon with a broken window in the car. Well, not broken, exactly. It refuses to roll down. This presents a problem later in the day. Dad laughs.
  • Driving through the countryside to get to the turnpike. Enjoying the view of barns and cows. (“MOOOOOOO!” says Jude when he sees a cow.”)
  • Sleeping boys in the car. Ben talks nonsense in his sleep.
  • Arrive in Jenks. Hungry boys, so we drive through Sonic. But then we realize that we can’t roll down the window.
  • We make Ben get out of the car and place our order into the speaker for us. He says it’s the first time he’s ever ordered in a drive-thru. Eric thinks this is pitiful. Simon gives Ben a script to read. Carhop gives us a dirty look when we make him come around to the other side of the car to deliver our food. Dad says later he’s sure that the carhop thought we were trying to be smart.
  • Oklahoma Aquarium! Smells like fish. Isn’t that a bad sign? Jude goes berserk for turtles and sting rays.

  • Oh, did I mention we decided that it was Talk Like a Pirate day? ARrrrrgghhh, matey! The Lopers’ white SUV is dubbed the White Whale.
  • A trip to the Whole Foods market for all. Delicious French cheese and special snacks are purchased. There will be more corn on the cob consumed this week.
  • The Shingletons and Lopers diverge paths. And we head to Carrabba’s, where we had a near-religious experience with pasta and garlic.
  • Finally, the long ride home. ::Sigh::  Does the weekend have to end? Let deep summer ensue.

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One of my favorite antique shops in OKC is Mockingbird Manor. It’s over on N. Western, in that cutesy little area full of fun shops and restaurants. Mockingbird always has some of the best finds in town. The prices are a little high on some things, but overall, it really is one of the best shops.

I adore these lamps (above). They are in desperate need of some new shades, but the color and shape of these are really nice.

Are you not dying at the cuteness of this desk? I am. It’s a gorgeous little piece that would be perfect as a vanity or a little writing desk.

And finally, I love this red Chinese-inspired side table. Disregard the goofy cherubs surrounding it; but this is a great piece, and I believe it was 25 or 30% off the marked price. Nice!

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JBF Spring Sale!

I posted on this over at my church blog, but the Just Between Friends consignment sale is happening next week from Monday to Saturday here in OKC. It’s an excellent resource for kids clothes of all sizes as well as toys, books, furniture, etc. I went last fall with some girlfriends from church, and I was amazed. If you are in need of good kids’ stuff, this is your place.

Now let me clarify. I was expecting this consignment sale to be . . . well, disorganized. But I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see how well-run and well-organized the JBF sale is. So. If you are wanting or needing anything for a child in your life, this is the place to get it. So many of the items (especially the baby items) are just gently used. Last fall, I got the cutest Pottery Barn Kids crib bedding for my mom’s house that was still in the package. And it was such a steal!

Ok, now for the info:

This is for the spring/summer sale (all clothes are for spring/summer)
March 23 – 28, 2009

Oklahoma State Fairgrounds~Cox Pavilion Building

Open Monday – Saturday

If you go later in the week, I believe they knock the prices down.

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Designer Rugs of Oklahoma City

I am so excited to show you guys Designer Rugs. Simon had told me about it a few years ago, but I had never managed to make it in, for one reason or another. He raved and raved about how cool it was and kept saying, “You’ve gotta go; you’ll be in rug heaven.”  So a few weeks ago, he finally got me in there, and boy oh boy, was he right!   Located in an unassuming locale on Wilshire Avenue, it’s not the kind of place that will grab your eye from the street.

But just get yourself in the door — that’s when the real fun starts!

Let me just say, this is not your typical Oklahoma place, if you know what I mean. Designer Rugs has the most amazing rug selection that I have ever seen outside of ABC Carpet & Home of NYC. It’s that cool. They carry lines that no one else in the area carries, and they intend to keep it that way. I’m talking lines like Missoni Home (!), Jonathan Adler, Dash & Albert, to name a few. I’m madly in love, and I’m working with them on securing me my Madeline Weinrib rug (please please pllleeeeeaaaaaaasssseeee!!!!)  

Anyway, I went in today to talk about rugs with them, and I was once again impressed with their knowledge, expertise, and general all-around coolness. 🙂   They also carry a sensational pillow selection, and (and!!) they are happy to custom make nearly anything for you within your price range. They’re that good.Anyways, my pictures don’t even do it justice. It’s just one big rug candy store! I’m really hopeful that we’ll be able to work something out and that they can get the MW rug for me. I so want to support local business, especially in such turbulent economic times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to send business to ABC Carpet & Home, too, but I really feel strongly about getting cool stuff into Oklahoma City. There’s only been minimal options for far too long; it’s time that we are able to have a variety of style to choose from.Designer Rugs
333 W. Wilshire Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK  73116

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