In case you didn’t notice on my last post, my 29th birthday is this upcoming Sunday, so in honor of the last few days of 28, I’m doing a giveaway! One of my favorite movies of all time is My Fair Lady. Gorgeous music, gorgeous scenery, gorgeous Audrey.

So I’m giving away a DVD of this fab classic!

What do you have to do to enter?

Just leave a comment on this post on your favorite movie. All I *must* have is your email address. I’m accepting entries until April 30th at midnight central time.

Winner will be chosen by!

Good luck, chickadees!


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I probably wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite either

Did you see this over at Swiss Miss? I love this, so I’m posting it in honor of my birthday week (my bday is this upcoming Sunday). Jessi had a birthday and asked everyone in her studio to dress in their favorite color in honor of her birthday. However, since Jessi couldn’t pick a fave, she just changed clothes every hour. AWESOME.

via SwissMiss / jessi’s rainbow birthday

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OKC Locals – Giveaway Alert

If you’re in Oklahoma City, hop over to I am a Greedy Girl and check out her giveaway for the OKCity Card from the Allied Arts.  I’ve never grabbed one of these, but it sounds like it has a ton of great discounts. Definitely something to check out, especially if you like to eat out or check out local attractions. Or even if you need new ideas on things to do in the area.

Side note: did you know that the OKC Museum of Art is opening a new exhibition on costume design in film? I CANNOT WAIT. I WILL CAMP OUT TO BE FIRST IN LINE. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I really am excited. Opens May 6-Aug. 15.

Back to the business at hand. Go sign up for the giveaway and check out Caroline’s blog while you’re at it. It’s one of my faves!

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One Piece Wonders

Have you noticed the influx of amazing one-piece swimsuits lately? I am so relieved. I know – that sounds nuts, but I am. I’ve never been a bikini girl, and after 2 abdominal surgeries plus a c-section, I am definitely not going there soon without either (a) a personal trainer and (b) no carbs for, oh, 13 years. Or (c) some major plastic surgery. Ha!

Hence the beauty of the one-piece swimsuit.

This one from J.Crew is my absolute FAVORITE. My stomach is a bit lumpy, to put it frankly, after all my (ahem) work, so I need some pattern and ruching to disguise my less-than-flat-tummy.

I love the variety of colors that this one comes in. The hardest part is picking your fave.

I have one of the Lomellina suits from last year, and the fabric is nothing short of divine. It’s deliciously smooth and almost shimmery. And it holds up so well after numerous dips into the chlorine.

I adore the design of this one, but as I’ll probably be spending any time in a swimsuit chasing a 2-year-old, I probably don’t need strapless. I’d like to avoid as much indecent exposure as possible, thankyouverymuch. Plus, this doesn’t really scream “I love to swim”.  This is more, “Please send the cabana boy to spritz me with Evian and fine French sunscreen, s’il vous plait.”

How ’bout a fun stripe? Anthropologie’s suits are all retro and whimsical.

Funky tan lines from this one, but the vintage map print is so delightful.

Everything about this one is chic and flattering: deep v-neck, exotic aubergine color, and cinch at the waist. Perfection.

Trina Turk does swimsuit?! I die!!

And from Juicy, I expect nothing but sweetness in ruching & ruffles. Too cute. Probably not for those who want to minimize their thighs/rear end.

Ruffles are the thing – I like this one from ABS, too!

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QuickKutz Letterpress Machine

Has anybody had any success with one of these? I saw this in the latest Paper Source emailer, and I admit, I am really curious. Letterpress is so great, but so so so cost-prohibitive for most clients. My main question is whether you can get plates of your own design so you don’t have to be stuck with their templates.

QuickKutz Letterpress Machine

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A bouquet of freshly shaved pencils

Isn’t that how the line goes in “You’ve Got Mail”? About how wonderful a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils is …

I shot a few photos the other night, trying to get motivated to redo my main website, as well as redesigning a new blog header. I’ve been wanting to shoot some new photos of colored pencils, etc., and these were a few outtakes from what I got of my Caran-d’Ache pencils.




My post about updating my website, etc. – as well as Kathleen’s post the other day along the same lines – got me thinking and working over the past few days. I took down my site at and I’m putting up just a small placeholder in the meantime with contact info & a link to this blog. As of right this second, it’s not yet live, but it should be within a day or so. (Nope! Live now!) I wanted to at least have something up that I wasn’t totally embarrassed of, and the old site was, well, sad. I didn’t feel confident when handing out my URL when meeting with clients. It was fine a few years ago when I had originally designed it, but like most other creatives, I tend to have a little bit of design ADD and it just wasn’t me anymore. I like to switch things up too much to stay true to any one thing for too long.

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Madeline’s Pink Candy Party

I checked out Rachelle’s blog this morning to see if she had posted any pix of Madeline’s pink candy party, and she had! Hooray! Everything turned out so cute! I’m glad it was a success!

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