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Superhero in a Box

My cousin George and his cute family picked this up for Jude’s birthday. Isn’t it the most clever little idea? I adore it.

Confession: I have already tried all of it on myself. Especially the mask.

Superhero in a Box.


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Product Rave: Built NY for Babies

Like all new mothers, I’ve gone through two or three diaper bags in my two years of motherhood and I definitely have my favorites. Kate Spade was my go-to girl for what I referred to as the “big daddy” diaper bag — the one that you schlep all the supplies around in for the first, oh, six months or so. The one that means you are prepared for World War III at any given moment — extra change of clothes, extra diapers, extra pacifiers, milk, bottles, Mylicon, baggies for pooped-on clothes, my camera, . . . the list goes on and on. Oh, and that’s before you’ve even dared to consider throwing anything for yourself in there (a wallet? lipstick??? anyone??)

But I finally got to the point where I could just dash out with an actual purse (I never thought that day would come) but I wanted a little something that I could use to tote around a bottle or two as well as 2 or 3 diapers and a small wipe case. Just the bare basics, nothing more. And I found that in the BuiltNY Gourmet Getaway bag. Yes, I know – it’s technically a lunchbox. But it was perfect for our needs because not only would it insulate your stuff for up to 4 hours (a plus in the summer heat when you need  to keep a bottle cold so it doesn’t sour), but it is also super stretchy. You’d be amazed at how much stuff I can get in there. Plus, they come in a variety of cool prints, and when it gets gross or icky, I just throw it in the washing machine. Easy as pie.

But now I see that Built is also offering an actual diaper bag. While it probably wouldn’t be The One for me, I’m pleased to see that they’re catering to the parenting crowd because they’re a natural fit. It’s a cool bag – the dads won’t be embarrassed to tote this one around. And, like the lunch tote, you can clean this thing up so easily. And let me assure you – they get icky.When the little ones get big enough to actually want a lunchbox, check out the cutest little Munchier Bags. Heck, I would use this. Such a fun, whimsical design.

None of these items are crazy expensive. I picked mine up at, but I think they’re available at a ton of places.

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A Busytown Birthday « Stitch-Craft

Richard Scarry’s books were some of my faves as a kid. I have fond memories of reading them with my dad and so now I delight in reading them with Jude. I caught a glimpse of this Scarry-inspired birthday party today and had to post about it, if anything, for my own archives for birthday party ideas. Too fun!

Read more about this delightful little party over at Stitch-Craft.

A Busytown Birthday « Stitch-Craft.

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Found on the side of the road

I’m not ashamed. I am now a dumpster diver. Kind of. Is there a term for someone who picks up stuff that people have put out for Big Junk Cleanup? Because that’s now me.

On the way to pick Jude up from MDO the other day, I was thinking about how I really wanted one of those cheapo Lack side tables for $8 from IKEA so I could have a little table-and-chairs setup in the playroom. I thought it would be cute w/ Jude’s kitchen. I’d really been crushing on those darling “real” tables from Pottery Barn Kids, but just hadn’t ever found one at the right price. They’re pretty high in demand on craigslist, so I’ve always struck out on that one.

So I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was driving through the Village (yes, that’s the technical title for an actual city here in OKC) and saw this on the side of the road, kicked to the curb.Say wha?! Yup, a real live kids table, just sitting there. Covered in mud. And needing a new home. I did a complete 180 in the street and drove back. I looked around, assessed the state of the table, and then threw it in the hatch of the car.

Simon asked if anyone saw me when I took it — hahaha. I admit to feeling a little… funny. Like I was stealing or something. But I’m telling you, it was meant to be! It was meant for me! I brought it home and sprayed it down with the power sprayer — I got all the mud off, and even managed to power spray off a layer of scrapbook paper that someone had glued down onto the original linoleum top. I think I might redo the top somehow. And it has a cute vintage feel to it with that aluminum edging. The wood is in good condition overall — I also might paint it at some point, but for now, it’s good as is. Cleaned up and ready to be played with! I cannot believe my luck.

I jokingly told Simon that I just saved us $8 — now he doesn’t have to pick me up a table at Ikea! 🙂

Should I paint my little chairs? I keep wavering back and forth — keep ’em natural or paint them a color or maybe just plain white. Take my poll here and let me know what you think.

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Play Kitchens

I am totally in love with play kitchens. I had a plastic FisherPrice(?) plastic kitchen as a kid, and I remember loving it. I loved feeling so grown up, pretend baking things and doing dishes. Ohhhh, if things were only still so fun now that it is for real!

Every time I take Jude to the mall, we go to Pottery Barn Kids and I let him play with their toys. He loves their little play kitchens, including the frontload washer and dryer. I don’t really feel like play kitchens are a girl-only toy. There’s no reason why boys can’t play with kitchen stuff — they eat too, right?

While I love the cuteness at Pottery Barn Kids, I don’t like how expensive they are. And they tend to go pretty quickly on Craigslist. Today, I took J to the Just Between Friends sale here in OKC (a FANTASTIC kids’ consignment sale — definitely go if it’s in your area!). It was nuts — it took 30 minutes just to get in the door and then once Jude laid eyes on the bicycles, it was all over. He is obsessed with bikes these days, because his daddy is big into cycling. In fact, last week I let J take Simon’s bicycle helmet with us to run errands. At the first stop, I didn’t let him wear the helmet in — big mistake. So at our second stop, I went ahead and let him wear it inside — you wouldn’t believe the pitying looks I got from the sales ladies. Like, oh, poor little child, he has to wear a helmet! I even heard myself say, “Now, you have to keep your helmet on, Jude – don’t take it off.” I was worried he was going to take it off and leave it somewhere, but when I heard myself say that out loud…. ::shaking my head::

Ok, well, I got off track. Back to play kitchens. He was obsessing over the bicycle section at JBF, but I had my eye on the play kitchens area, and I found this little gem for $35. Please ignore the poor quality photo – I shot it with my iPhone, and for some reason it looks like it’s leaning, which it totally is NOT in real life.  It’s perfectly straight.

I just love it! I love that it’s not all-plastic and that it also has some kind of funky European flair to it. It’s too cute! Here’s a top view:Maybe Jude will get some cute felt food for his birthday! He would love it!

I plan on sticking it upstairs in his room, in the playroom area. I’d like to hang up some floating shelves above it to mimic kitchen shelving. Maybe also I might paint the faucet silver too…. hmmm, think of the endless possibilities! Do you have any other ideas for what I could do to make my kitchen cute?

Over at Ohdeedoh, they feature play kitchens a lot that people have DIY’d or hacked. I really like this one, below — obviously a little too girly for our needs, but cute nonetheless:

It’s all about the cute felt food. Totally. I’m lovin’ it. Check out these darling offerings from Haba, at, a great resource for European kids’ toys that are too cute.

Look how cute this little microwave is! I love that it’s all wood, too.  And this toaster?! With wood “toast”!?! AHHH!!

So. Send your DIY ideas my way,  if you’ve got ’em! I want to make our little setup as cute as can be.

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Welcome to the World

There’s nothing like the arrival of a new baby, is there?  I haven’t gotten to do too many baby announcements, but they’re always so much fun when they come along. Our dear friends from church, Keri and Reagan, just had their first — sweet little Hattie Mae. I had the privilege of designing Keri’s wedding invitations and they are some of my all-time faves: a confection in lavender letterpress. Keri loves all things vintage and has such fantastic style. She knew she wanted something along the same vein for Hattie’s announcements.

Usually I don’t show the original samples, but I really did like all three! She ended up going with the first one and now we are fine-tuning the color.

Welcome to the world, Hattie Mae! We couldn’t wait to meet you!


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Christa’s Shower

Hooray for babies — and hooray for baby girl babies! My friend Christa, who I have known since the first grade, is having her first baby in July, a sweet little girl. It was with great pleasure that I and five of her girlfriends got to throw her a fun shower on Saturday. Oh, how I love a party — and even better when we get to have a girly party! 

Christa, we love you and can’t wait to meet your little one! She’s going to have one great momma and daddy!

Yay for pompoms! Aren’t they fun?

Clearly I am obsessed with the pompoms. Please indulge me.

I brought Jude’s bassinet down from the playroom where it was previously holding stuffed animals and it is all ready to hold gifts!  Meanwhile, in the playroom, it looks like a stuffed animal massacre. I really don’t know what to do with all of them.

What’s better than a bassinet full of baby gifts? A bassinet AND a cute red stroller full of gifts! Oh, you should have seen the precious smocked bonnet that the grandmother-to-be handmade for the new baby. Too sweet!

Christa’s pal Sara is such a good friend. She really wanted to help with the shower, but was leaving for vacation the day-of, but she still made (from scratch, mind you) the most amazing, gorgeous cupcakes ever! She brought them over on Friday morning, and it was all Simon I could to do to keep his my hands off of them.

All the hostesses with mama-to-be, sans hostess Erin who had to leave early with her sweet little baby boy. FYI, Erin is one of my new favorite people. I met Erin on the internet(!) three years ago or so — we were both brides over on’s message boards, and we became online buds. Who knew — the internet! Not just for perverts and weirdos anymore! Anyway, turns out we had some mutual friends, and Christa was one of them! It was great fun to hang out w/ Dr. E and enjoy some time oohing and aahing over her sweet new little bundle of joy. (He definitely has the best hair of any kid I have ever seen).

Sweets and treats to drink.

These little babies just crack me up. I bought a package of them at Michael’s and hid them in various centerpieces. Kinda sad that they’re all naked and sitting on prickly coral. Sorry, little babies.

All in all, a marvelous party for a marvelous mama. Now. The party’s over, and this only means one thing: it’s vacation week! Hooray!

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