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Happy Birthday, Earl!

Yesterday was my brother Earl’s birthday, so my sister and I met up with him at Pachinko Parlor, just north of downtown. It’s a new little restaurant, kind of an asian fusion with sushi, Thai food, and other goodies. I really liked it. It’s particularly great to see funky concepts come into OKC. Pachinko Parlor is located in a part of town that’s recently been revitalized with new shops, cupcakeries, and restaurants. It’s so exciting to see – OKC just keeps getting better. I should’ve gotten an exterior shot of the place – there’s an enormous tree out front that’s pretty impressive.
Pachinko Parlor

Anyway, it was a nice sibling lunch – just me, Amy and Earl. I cannot remember the last time we’ve done something like that.
Amy & Earl
Afterwards, of course we had to go next door to Sara Sara Cupcakes.
Sara Sara

Sara Sara

I mean, what’s a birthday without cake?

Sara Sara


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In case you didn’t notice on my last post, my 29th birthday is this upcoming Sunday, so in honor of the last few days of 28, I’m doing a giveaway! One of my favorite movies of all time is My Fair Lady. Gorgeous music, gorgeous scenery, gorgeous Audrey.

So I’m giving away a DVD of this fab classic!

What do you have to do to enter?

Just leave a comment on this post on your favorite movie. All I *must* have is your email address. I’m accepting entries until April 30th at midnight central time.

Winner will be chosen by!

Good luck, chickadees!

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Costume Party: Decor

A few photos of the decor we did for the costume party. Chrysi had the great idea to do a fall-ish, pumpkin theme, so I went and got some felt and decided to recreate that candy corn banner that I saw on Etsy the other day. It was such a simple project – all I did was cut up the felt into triangles and I used fabric glue to adhere it all. It was a good naptime project while Jude was sleeping.

With the leftover felt, I glued it all end-to-end, and then cut a scallop design, making a fun little runner (shown below). Ok, and aren’t those black rats hilarious? They were sticky – the kids had a lot of fun with them!

And what’s a fall costume party without a bunch of pumpkins? For $10, I bought 2 bags of small pie pumpkins and I had the idea that for the activity for the kids, we could decorate them. Kind of like Mr. Potato Heads. Except Mr. Pumpkin Heads. I bought a bunch of googly eyes, feathers, pompoms, glitter glue, and stickers and let the kids have at.

Couldn’t resist a few owls or funkins, either. ūüôā ¬†I glittered a Funkin for my mom with a big “D” on it.

Yay yay yay! Here’s my candycorn banners. I’m totally in love with them.

Mmmm, yummy.

In Mom & Dad’s living room. Their house looked so pretty and we were SO thankful that they let us have the party there!

Chrysi’s amazing pumpkin cupcakes! They were decorated gorgeously, and the cupcake itself was pumpkin and chocolate chips. I think these are my newest faves.

I brought over my Martha Stewart trick or treat banner from my mantle.

Oops, here’s the owls again.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the favors we did. Chrysi found these cool little buckets in the dollar spot area at Target and filled them with all kinds of goodies and some glow sticks.

Hilarious photo of my folks wearing the kids’ wigs.

Enjoying cupcakes. That’s Carolyn on the left – she’s ready to have that baby!

First round of “Happy Birthday” – to Noah!

Lighting the candles

When it was Jude’s turn to be sung to, he lit up like Christmas morning. It was absolutely precious.

Finally, in memory of my Grandmother Blanche, we of course had to have her popcorn balls. I love to make them every year at this time. I miss you, Grandmother! You would have loved this party!

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Le Week-End

Yay for birthdays. I just love ’em. Saturday was Simon’s, as per my earlier post, and we had a marvelous weekend. On Saturday, he enjoyed a long workout and I stayed home and prepped a few things for the afternoon. Then, he drove me down to a friend’s baby shower and he and Jude went to hang out at his Grandma Jo’s house. At 4:00 on the button, they were there to pick me up and off we went to Norman. As OU grads, we love to live up the nostalgia and hit up old favorites from our college days in Norman. It was surprisingly calm in Norman despite the loss to Texas (a really big deal – OU/TX weekend). I was glad that it wasn’t too nutso.

I love the old red phonebooths on Campus Corner.

Jude does too.

We had dinner at Victoria’s on Campus Corner. It was a carb-apalooza. Italian food for all — me, Simon, Jude, my brother Earl and his family, my mother-in-law Linda, sister-in-law Carolyn, and Simon’s Grandma. We rolled on outta there in a cheese-and-pasta-induced coma. Then. We stopped at Maggie Moo’s to pick up Simon’s request — red velvet ice cream. Red velvet is his most favorite kind of cake, hence the creation of the red velvet whoopie pies. And then we descended upon his grandmother’s house with pies and ice cream in tow.

Here’s the birthday boy himself holding the whoopie pies. Ok, side story. Do you want to hear something totally gross? I had some cream cheese frosting at the house to fill the pies with, but I had gone to the store and thought that I better pick up another thing of frosting just in case we ran out. Well, inevitably, we did run out, and so I opened the pantry and pulled out my can of frosting. When I opened the lid, a sick smell assailed my nostrils. UM WHAT?! The can was OPEN AND EATEN OUT OF AND HAD GONE SOUR. But then whoever did it decided to go ahead and put that foil seal back on so it looked legit. NASTY NASTY NASTY. Who knows how long it was sitting there on the shelf? And what are the odds that I would be the person to buy that one can? Gross!

Here’s my brother Earl, on the left, with Amelia (behind him) and Jude in the center, Noah on the right, and Grandma Jo. We were singing Happy Birthday, or as Jude likes to say, “Happy Bum Bum.”

I was also concerned about not having enough red velvet whoopie pies to go around, so I made a batch of vanilla with a vanilla Sprinkles cupcake mix from Williams Sonoma. They did not turn out nearly as fluffy and dense as the red velvet ones; I think it’s because the vanilla mix only called for 1 egg and 2 egg whites, as opposed to the red velvet that had much more. But they still tasted good.

Here’s Noah giving us an impromptu concert. He is quite the pianist and we are so very very proud of him. You should ask him to play Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. It’s pretty rad.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Blythe and Jude were in the bathroom, washing their hands and getting into mischief.

Grandma Jo was so kind to let us have our little party at her house.

We laughed that we were going to submit this photo to

And there you have it! A birthday weekend of fun! I wish Jude was looking at the camera in this photo.


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Happy Birthday, Simon!

A happy happy HAPPY 29th birthday to my dearest husband Simon. You are my best friend, my confidante, sweetest daddy to our darling Jude, and I am so proud of you.

And you guys! I have SUCH good news! Our God is SO good and so awesome! He has good plans for us and He keeps His promises. Simon is now gainfully employed and has begun his career in residential real estate. He made the decision last week and signed on with Keller Williams here in Oklahoma City. I am so proud of him and he is so excited about this exciting new venture. I know God has led him to this decision and that He has his hand all over this!

We are celebrating Simon’s birthday all weekend. Yesterday I let him open his presents (a day early! Am I a good wife or what? hee hee) and I made him the promised red velvet whoopie pies. You guys have GOT to make them – I got a Sprinkles mix from Williams-Sonoma and just laid out cookie-sized dollops of the batter onto cookie sheets and baked for 15 minutes at 375 degrees. Then. After they’ve cooled, you smear cream cheese frosting in the middle and they are absolutely divine. Red velvet is Simon’s absolute favorite, and so this was a fun spin on a classic. Last night we ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then today, we will have a big family dinner at Victoria’s, a favorite Italian restaurant in Norman.

More pictures and stuff to come, I’m sure!

I love you, Simon!

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Twenty-eighth Birthday highlights:

  • Pretty earrings from a thoughtful & generous husband
  • Lunch at my most favorite place in our college town where I devoured the entire plate
  • ¬†Surprise lemon cake & sugar cookies from Simon and Jude
  • Sweet birthday wishes from Jude: “happeeee bum bum!” (this is Jude-ese for happy birthday)
  • My mom getting released from the hospital! Yes! And subsequent good reports from the doctors.
  • Sharing a slice of pink & yellow-frosted cookie cake with Jude and seeing his eyes ¬†light up like Christmas when he saw it (he then promptly yakked some of it up after filling up on it. Sugar overdose?)
  • ¬†Gorgeous flowers from loved ones
  • Getting to see my birth mom on my birthday¬†
  • Feeling good and healthy
  • And so much more!


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Hahaha, well, this is appropriate!

My hubs is the BEST. Check out what came in the mail for me today for my birthday!

Isn’t it great? I’m so going to get a frame for it this weekend and hang it. He knows what I like, my Simon! And in lieu of the week that we’ve had, I think this sentiment is perfect for us, non?

Keep Calm & Carry On Poster, hand screenprinted by SFGirlByBay, at Etsy

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