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A bouquet of freshly shaved pencils

Isn’t that how the line goes in “You’ve Got Mail”? About how wonderful a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils is …

I shot a few photos the other night, trying to get motivated to redo my main website, as well as redesigning a new blog header. I’ve been wanting to shoot some new photos of colored pencils, etc., and these were a few outtakes from what I got of my Caran-d’Ache pencils.




My post about updating my website, etc. – as well as Kathleen’s post the other day along the same lines – got me thinking and working over the past few days. I took down my site at and I’m putting up just a small placeholder in the meantime with contact info & a link to this blog. As of right this second, it’s not yet live, but it should be within a day or so. (Nope! Live now!) I wanted to at least have something up that I wasn’t totally embarrassed of, and the old site was, well, sad. I didn’t feel confident when handing out my URL when meeting with clients. It was fine a few years ago when I had originally designed it, but like most other creatives, I tend to have a little bit of design ADD and it just wasn’t me anymore. I like to switch things up too much to stay true to any one thing for too long.


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Check out Window Dressing This Week


While I’m out this week doing medical things, be sure to hop over to Window Dressing. I’ve got some posts scheduled, and you can check out some of the back issues, too.

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Window Dressing

Be sure and check out WindowDressing this week. I’m getting really excited about my little fashion blog — it gives me a good excuse to troll around on eBay for good designer deals! Plus, I update every day with a different outfit on Lola. Lotsa fun to be had over there…

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