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Read any good books lately?

I’m looking for books to add to my library queue. Read anything good lately? Chrysi, I need you to comment, too – I should’ve written down the titles of a bunch of those books we talked about a few months ago.

Anyway, you can catch up on my current have-already-read-this-year list here.

Ok, go – comment away! I need books and I need ’em now!


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A Little Sussy: The Handbook

More than a little curious about favorite photographer Nicole Hill‘s new textbook…

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A New Favorite

I like to think that I read a lot of books. I’m not too biased in what I choose to read, but as I’ve become a bigger fan of the library, I’m more inclined to choose books that I might have passed over if I were only planning to purchase them.

Enter The Help. At first glance, it wasn’t a book that I probably would’ve just picked up. I tend to lean toward lighter fare and the subject matter of segregated 1960s Mississippi tends to not be, well, very light. When I checked it out at the library after a several-week waiting list, the librarian practically gushed about how amazing this was.

And she was right. I can’t put this book down. It brings me back to the same question, over and over again: how can/could people treat other people poorly? Why do we not talk about our differences? How does ignorance thrive?

Anyway. I’m definitely going to buy this book, because I know that it is one that I will want to read again and again. Add it to your queue, library-goers!

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A Busytown Birthday « Stitch-Craft

Richard Scarry’s books were some of my faves as a kid. I have fond memories of reading them with my dad and so now I delight in reading them with Jude. I caught a glimpse of this Scarry-inspired birthday party today and had to post about it, if anything, for my own archives for birthday party ideas. Too fun!

Read more about this delightful little party over at Stitch-Craft.

A Busytown Birthday « Stitch-Craft.

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