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For the amour of Tolix

Remember how a few weeks ago I was trying to sell off our old barstools? Remember these?

Yeah, well, they’re still here. And they are unwelcome. But it’s not their fault. They’ve been perfectly fine barstools. In fact, they still look as young and spry as the day Simon bought them. But then one day I was tooling around and I nearly died of happiness because I found these:

Gorgeous barstools, nearly identical to Tolix stools, for a STEAL. I mean, a sick steal. But, the hubs wants me to get rid of the 2 we have before I acquire any more, so my darling little Tolixans are still residing in the Overstock warehouse somewhere.

Now don’t you feel sorry for me? Don’t you want to buy my old barstools so I can get my beloved Tolix?

What’s this Tolix business all about, anyway? Tolix is a French company that designs a variety of seating, all industrial in inspiration. You can get them in tons of colors, and they are sickeningly expensive here aux Etats-Unis.

Recognize these?
at Nelson Creamery
Yup. Tolix.

And these? Tolix, too.

Oh, darlings. I die.

From here.

Stephmodo even talked about the color charts of all the delightful gelato colors that the Tolix line comes in. The ones I could get on Overstock were basic black.

The yellow is awfully cheerful and happy. In our old kitchen, they would’ve been perfectly delightful.

And – AND! – they do a precious childrens’ line too. Look how cute these little stacking chaises are.

J’adore the petit “tortue” toy box too. I love just a touch of industrial in almost any space.

::sigh:: So. If you are feeling inspired to help a sister out, by all means, buy up my barstools so I can indulge in some Tolix love.

xoxo, my lovelies!


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Design Mom: Decoupaged Chair

My eyes lit up when I saw this darling chair over at DesignMom. Recognize that print? It’s the San Sebastian art print we have in our master bedroom. I love it on a chair, too!

Link to instructions if you want to decoupage your own at: Design Mom: Decoupaged Chair.

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Pier 1 Imports – Josette Chair

This cute little chair from Pier 1 looks very Anthro, n’est-ce pas? But at a mere fraction of an Anthropologie price tag!

Pier 1 Imports – Josette Chair .

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Fantastic Find: vintage bamboo chairs

A few weeks ago, I went down to Norman, OK (home of the Sooners!) for the afternoon. Every time I go to Norman, feeling all nostalgic about my college youth (ha), I hit up Bill’s Used Furniture. Bill’s is located in the old Pentecostal church. Simon and I used to frequent it all the time, and some of my favorite finds have come from Bill’s. Namely, these two lovelies:

A steal for $50, and then recovered for $35 with Amy Butler fabric. And then this one, too:

I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it was definitely a steal. I saw a red painted version of it at Bill’s this last time I went, but it was $95, waaaaay too much for what is usually for sale @ Bill’s.

So it was with great joy & delight when I stumbled upon a pair of these bamboo chairs for $65. Total.

I have been wanting some Chinese Chippendale chairs forever, and while these aren’t exactly those, they’re pretty darn close. And at such an amazing price! Yes, the seat fabric is super ugly, but who cares? I’m always game for a project! Right now, they’re happy up in my office, and I just grin like a fool whenever I see them. I called Simon right after I bought them: “GUESS what I got?!!??! Just GUESS!”

So. If you see any cool fabric that you think might work, send it on ovah. I have my eye on the new Joel Dewberry fabrics, but I might be just as happy with a solid linen in some fab color.

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