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So I put on my garden clogs to help.


They really are from 1996. I bought them in NYC at Smith & Hawken. I was really proud of them.


Jude liked the leftover tree stumps.


Then on Sunday, a walk to the park at the lake with Simon’s sis Carolyn and her sweet little baby Piper.

Jude met a new friend. With some pretty slick wheels.

We did an impromptu photoshoot with Piper. Sweet little doll.




Oops, these are out of order. Friday night, it was like the holidays all over again at my folks’ house. The only ones we were missing were Eric & Ben, who were at a campout all weekend.

This is cousin Luke (“Chuke”) and my sister Amy. He was a sleepy boy on Friday night at my folks’ house. He could not wake up for anything. This photo just cracks me up.
sleepy chuke

Eating pizza with the cousins.

precious feet. jude.

eating up


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Here’s nephew Luke’s Elf on the Shelf. His name is Jack. We found him by the Nutella jar this morning. A good place to be, non?


The weathermen in Oklahoma are particularly amazing when it comes to Oklahoma-specific weather, such as tornadoes. Or thunderstorms. But snow? Well, to be fair, we’re just not that good at it. They tend to … overpredict. So when they told us that there was a chance of snow on Christmas Eve, I think  the entire state heaved a collective bellylaugh.


But the weathermen got the last laugh, because we got 14.1″ in Oklahoma City alone, a record to end all previous records. I cannot ever remember a Christmas like this. It totally made the day amazing!


Here’s Dad, enjoying trying his first-ever piece of Slim Jim beef jerky. He says once was enough.


Jude, enjoying Wingo’s choo train (Wingo is what he calls my mom.)


Hmmm. Is it ever going to be time for us to go outside and play in the snow?


YES! Yes, it is TIME TO PLAY IN THE SNOOOOOOOOW! Simon, Eric, and Earl each individually went out into the snow, and each said that it was absolutely awful. It was whiteout conditions, apparently and visibility was terrible. People were stuck, stranded in their cars in the snow. Suddenly all those people in their 4-wheel drive SUVs didn’t look so foolish anymore for having big ol’ cars.  Simon brought Jude some warm snow clothes, however, this green fleece outfit was a year too small for him. He was absolutely stuffed into that, but he was warm!


Ready for snow.


First, trepidatious steps into snow.


Now this is sad. I didn’t have warm mittens for my child, so he had to put on his own socks on his hands.  Pitiful.



Uncle Eric brought the sleds from their house. WHEEEEEE!  Darn it all, if i hadn’t had surgery, I would have been ALL over those sleds like nobody’s business.


This picture is for my mom. As a kid, she would wrap me up in garbage bags so I wouldn’t get wet when it snowed.  Earl made her proud: he covered his shoes in plastic Target bags and secured them with duct tape. Niiiice.


Afterwards, it was time for hot cocoa with the cousins.



When it snows, might as well make crafts! I made a pipe cleaner garland/necklace.


Meanwhile, where were the guys? Matthew, Simon, and Eric continued to sled down the hill in front of Mom & Dad’s. It was like a giant slip ‘n slide: they started running and then hit the ground on their sleds. Hilarious.



I shot all these photos from my childhood bedroom window. Simon below —


Weary sledders, heading back inside.


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Further Confirming Our Insanity

Ok, we are all officially nuts. NUTS. After Jude & Noah’s costume party, Dad was remarking that we had so much fun with all the wigs that everybody brought were the life of the party. I think the exact phrase was, “We should bust out the wigs at our next party!”

So, we took him seriously. Maybe a little too seriously.

In the month of November, we have 3 birthdays: Dad (Nov. 5th), Luke (Nov. 10th) and Eric (Nov. 14th). So we did a big combined Wigapalooza. Amy ordered in meat from the Salt Lick BBQ in Austin, TX, and it was incredible. There was also quite the selection of cheeses. And for dessert? A spread of individual slices of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. I mean, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

It was a wigapalooza!

Unless it’s all happening when you’re wearing a crazy wig.

Mullet Simon

Me-YOW. Am I a lucky gal or what? Billy Ray Cyrus, you got nothin’ on Simon.

The Wig Spread

Here’s all the wigs laid out on the dining room table. And it’s true – there’s something about a wig that brings out the funny in everybody. It was pretty hilarious.

laid-back Earl

Everybody that put this wig on manages to look like a laid-back surfer dude. That whole, “I just rolled outta bed and into the surf” look.

70s Chrysi

let's adjust that mullet

Wigged out - Rachel

One moment, please

sporting our wigs

Dad in a mullet
Mom made Dad take off the mullet wig – she said he didn’t look good in it. LOL Actually, the mullet wig was probably the one wig that really looked awful on everybody.

Pirate/Gypsy/Fortune Teller Simon

Happy happy birthday to Dad, Eric, and Luke! It was a grand occasion!

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Make Like a Tree & Leaf


The leaf situation is out of control here. I guess that’s what we get for having all these gorgeous, mature trees in our neighborhood. The yard guys came last week to blow the leaves away, and not two hours later, the grass was totally covered again. This past weekend, Simon borrowed a leaf blower from Eric, and went to town on our gutters. It was a balmy 80 degrees, and we were enjoying the sunshine. Jude particularly enjoyed watching his dad wield a power tool.

Peanut Butter Baby

Nothing like eating a peanut butter sandwich while only wearing pants out on the back patio.

jude in the leaves

I should’ve taken a picture of all the leaves. They’re still out there. It’s like parting the Red Sea to walk to the mailbox.

Eating peanut butter sandwich

Jude, with half-intact PB sandwich, watching his Dad blowing leaves. He is unsure.

Oh WOW! Leaves!


Watching daddy blow the leaves everywhere

NICE!  I love the look on his face – he was delighted with the leaves blowing everywhere.

leaf blowing

But then there was this look of resignation right before he got pummeled with the leaves. Yum – Peanut Butter & Crunchy Leaf Sandwich. Blechhh.

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Today I am thankful for…

Bedside table

Today I’m thankful for:
– the love of my husband and my family. Their unfailing support and compassion.
– fresh new sheets on our bed (thank you, Mom!)
– pretty bright sunshine streaming in my windows. We’re having 75 degree days in November!
– flowers from my husband this weekend (a sweet surprise)
– hugs and kisses from my little redhead
– the color of our walls. Seriously. It really makes me happy to walk into my green bedroom or coral office. It lifts my spirits!
– ChickfilA chicken. And waffle fries. 🙂
Nothing better than fresh sheets on the bed

pretty earrings

bedside table - hydrangeas, peonies, and jewelry

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Dallas October Getaway

I hope you guys had a great weekend! We were able to steal away with my parents for their first (non-medical) trip in months. They were gracious enough to go down to Dallas with us to take care of Jude while Simon and I went to the wedding of an old friend.

The wedding was really beautiful. My best friend growing up was Sarah. We called each other Sarah Boo and Rachel Boo, and we were quite the pair. Her older sister Lauren met a really lovely guy (a doctor!) and they fell in love and were kind enough to invite us to their wedding. I don’t think I’ve seen them in over 12 years. It’s been a LOOOONG TIME!

The wedding was in a house called the iPlace. It’s like a retreat or conference center for church administrators. The property was gorgeous, but it had unfortunately decided to pour rain that day, so everything had to be moved inside. It was still absolutely beautiful. Definitely one of the most different weddings I’ve ever been to.

Sarah and I.

The lovely bride, Lauren.

Sitting at the dinner table. The food was delicious!

Here they are during the ceremony. Her Dad, Don, did the ceremony. He was our music minister  at our church when I was growing up.

The house was so charming. A great place for a party.

Ready for a night out on the town!

Other funny pictures from the weekend…

Ok, I don’t know what face I am making in this picture, but we have just cracked up at it all weekend. Jude was in dire need of a nap at this point on Saturday afternoon.

Please let me sleep!!!

Jude in the bathtub at the hotel – more on that later.

Simon and Dad. Dad is showing off his new shampoo purchase that promises to add body and life to his hair. 🙂

mmmm, don’t these look amazing?

Jude eating a chocolate donette. One of my guilty pleasures.

I love a good Halloween ROUS (rodent of unusual size).

Oh horrors!

Dad, practicing his scared face. Hahaha

Jude, in a tender moment.

Jude’s little Heavenly Crib – it had little cloud sheets and a little cloud rug to stick in front of it. He loved it and felt really special in it. We sat there in the windowseat and looked at some of his books that I brought from home.

If it weren’t for my parents and their awesome generosity, we wouldn’t have been able to make this trip down so fabulously. We stayed in an amazing hotel – the Westin at the Galleria. It’s been recently remodeled, but by the grace of God we were able to get a killer deal on a suite for us. It was nice because we also had access to their concierge level, which means free snacks all day. And when you’ve got a busy toddler, free snacks at all hours are imperative.

The room had two bathrooms – this one was maybe my favorite. That blue and green tile was awesome. Isn’t the sink gorgeous?

The living room with a pull-out couch.

The “master” bath. Impressive! Gorgeous tilework, and an amazing carrara marble vanity.

Did you SEE that bathtub? I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten in a bathtub, and I got in this one twice. It was that good.

And of course, the most amazing Westin Heavenly Bed. There are pocket doors on either side of the bed that lead into the living room.

Jude, checking out the fancy digs.

Mom and Dad, you spoiled us rotten this weekend. We love love love you and are so thankful for you! More than anything, I’m just so grateful that Mom is up to traveling and being back to normal! Thank you for all the food, snacks, drinks, goodies, toys, etc., that you just lavished upon us. We can only hope to pay you back in some way!  xoxoxoxoxox

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End of Week Update

Is it the weekend yet???

Imagine me, Internet: I am bleary. With dirty hair. My child has been playing in candle wax (yes – WAX) today and there are crumbs and cheerios all over my house. We have eaten junk this week and not near enough vegetables. Remember my to-do list from earlier this week? If not, allow me to refresh your memory as to my optimistic, if delusional, plans:

So this week, I plan on:
– updating Window Dressing (I’m a few days behind)
– getting my print projects complete and mailed/delivered (1 out of 3: complete!)
– making a cover for Jude’s nap mat that he takes to MDO (I’m going to use this cute duvet cover I got at IKEA)
– maintain a sparkling kitchen
– putting away all the crazy laundry that has overtaken the dining room
– enjoy reading library books while snuggled in my bed. Gotta fill that empty space somehow! Miss you, S!
– grocery shop. Blehhhh.
– Do my Pilates videos that I have in my Netflix onDemand queue. Yippee!
– Organize and arrange my jewelry and handbags in the closet.

Let us all have a collective, big hearty laugh at that one about “maintaining a sparkling kitchen.” Because that, my friends, is a big. fat.  joke. As is the doing of the pilates videos. Didn’t happen. And the laundry? Well. Let’s just say that it’s Mount Vesuvius on the ironing board in our bedroom. I have T-minus 24 hours to get things shipshape before the hubs comes home.

I give mad props to ANYONE who is a single parent. I am ready for my spa vacation, thankssomuch. 🙂

In other news, though, I am SO SO glad that Simon and bro-in-law Eric got to go to Johns Hopkins’ Vasculitis Clinic w/ Mom and Dad. They got NOTHING but GOOD NEWS while they were there, and we’ve all cried buckets of tears for how thankful that we are. God is good and He is in control. He has a good plan for each of us! Mom has a super rare disease (the doctor at Hopkins estimates that appx 80 people in the world have her disease; they treat 60 of those people), that’s for sure, but she has great hope! She doesn’t have to take the nasty chemo drug anymore, and for now she is in remission. It is a chronic disease, so it will always be there, but gaining control of her symptoms is huge. We are THANKFUL!

Other than that, not much other news here on the homefront. Blogs are updated, nap mat is covered (poor kid doesn’t have to sleep on plastic anymore), and I did get my print projects complete this week, so I feel a sense of accomplishment, even if my kitchen is a stinky mess and my floors are covered in crumbled Cheerio particles.

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