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Halloween Wrap-Up

The gnome’s first real trick-or-treating experience was hilarious and ultimately very memorable. I am SO glad we were able to be home from the Mayo Clinic in time. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!

He can kinda also double as an elf, come Christmas.

It was 70 degrees outside, and so we had a pretty good turnout of trick or treaters. While Simon and Grandma Jo took Jude trick or treating (he learned to say “Treat” but that was about it), I stayed on the front porch and handed out the candy. Gotta love it when people roll up in their car, hop out of the backseat, and come up to your door with no bag and just stuff the candy you give them in your mouth. Then they hop back in the car and roll on to the next street. Awesome.

Jude and Grandma Jo. We’re so glad she got to be here for this! It was too fun!

On to the next house! Go go go!

There are no pictures of me and J because I was behind the camera all night. Oh well, next year.

Say “Cheese!”

Our neighbor kids, who live for Halloween. They had all kinds of inflatables and tombstones and decorations in their yard. They were definitely excited about trick or treating!

On the radar this week:
Taking the 2-year-old(!) to the pediatrician for his 24-month checkup.
Finishing up some projects.
Client meetings.
Lunch with girlfriends? Hopefully!


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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you’re having a fun day! I thought I’d post a few fun old photos…

My little giraffe last year!

Halloween 2000. I went as Tinkerbell and it was the first year that my oldest nephew Ben went trick-or-treating. I actually have a photo of him, me and Simon hanging on the wall upstairs. I just love it. This was the same year I made a really unfortunate costume for my friend MacKensie and she still wore it even though it was awful. And she is still my friend to this day. Ha! This photo was taken in my living room at my college apartment in Norman. I had just moved in and it was an absolute wreck.

Halloween 2001. I was a sparkly ballerina (I’m noticing a tutu trend – it was an easy dress to make and i loved making my own costumes) and Simon was a nerd. He had a sign on his back that said “kick me.”  We took Ben trick or treating for the second year in a row. I think he upchucked all of his candy like two seconds after we took this photo. Also for the second year in a row. 🙂 Love you, BenBen.

Halloween 2002. I went as Miss America and Simon went as Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. That was the popular indie movie that year, and at the party we went to, there were 3 other Richie Tenenbaums.

What’s your most favorite costume from Halloweens past?

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Bestest Birthday Party EVER!

I apologize in advance for what is sure to be the longest posts ever with a bajillion photos, but man, we had a PARTY! We did a joint party with my nephew Noah, who turned 9. It was a fantastic costume party at my parents’ house and it was just absolutely fabulous. My sister-in-law Chrysi throws an amazing party, and since Noah & Jude’s birthdays are only a few days apart (and in light of my upcoming trip to Mayo this next week), we decided to do a joint party. Noah was a really good sport even though Jude is much littler than he is, and I am so proud of him that he was okay to share his birthday with Jude.

I’ve got SO many photos to get through, and I also want to wait to get some from Dad and Chrysi, so I’ll just post the costumes on this first one. We had some REALLY great fun costumes! It was so much fun for everyone to participate!

Blythe went as Dorothy. Chrysi made every last bit of her costume. Isn’t it gorgeous?

This is Luke (aka, “Chuke” as Jude likes to call him) as a Transformer. He was fierce.

Chuke’s brother Ben, my oldest nephew, as Napoleon Dynamite. TOTALLY AWESOME.

Sweet Amelia. She was a little gnome-ette, Jude’s counterpart. Isn’t she precious? Chrysi made her costume, too.

Matthew was a hippie. We all had to put that wig on – you better believe I’m gonna borrow it for another costume (Marie Antoinette?! Wouldn’t it be fab?!)

Me! I was a clown.

The little family! Simon went as Where’s Waldo (in blue – we couldn’t land a red stripe shirt) and Jude the Gnome.

He was a darling gnome, but a beardless one. He did not like the beard I made for him out of felt.

Matthew, um, borrowed Ben’s wig and it landed there. We all laughed until we cried.

My sister-in-law, Carolyn, who is 9 months pregnant. Wasn’t she an awesome sport?

My father-in-law, Keith, who came as the motorcycle man. Jude LOVES his motorcycle helmet.

Noah was Obi Wan Kenobi. Chrysi made his costume, too!

And there’s Chrysi herself, on the right – she was Little Orphan Annie! And that hair? All hers! Gorgeous!

Waldo, taking a break from being found.

The gnome, borrowing his cousin’s hat.

Wearing Matthew’s wig. Surprisingly, that color blonde was really flattering on everyone who tried it.

Even Dad tried it on! And Mom put on the Napoleon wig!

More to come soon!

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More Halloween Fun

Another great take on a pennant banner. Makes me want to collect old license plates!

Via Flea Market Style

CH.0980.07.02+(Small).jpg (image).

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Candy Corn Banner

I wish I had seen this a few weeks ago because I would’ve totally snapped this one up. How awesome is a candy corn banner?

candy corn halloween by pamwares at etsy.

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Just Clownin’ Around!

I apologize if this is your first visit here. Please come back. I promise it’s not always this … ridiculous around here. 🙂  But I’m just so excited about Halloween!

Got my crazy clown wig at Party Galaxy.

Here’s my tough clown face. That’s right – who you callin’ clown?

And finally, for Jude, because he looooves it when I put the clown nose on. Ha!

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Pumpkin Time!

Ok, I have pulled myself out of my funk. I had my pity party, I blogged about it, and now it’s time to move on and take action. So that’s exactly what I did! Thanks for listening to me the other day – I really appreciate everybody’s comments, bigtime!

I decided on Monday that there was to be no more moping around and that there was no reason I couldn’t accomplish some of the things that I wanted to accomplish. So I put Jude in the car and we made a day of it (er, at least up until naptime, that is). We went all around and got some fun decorations and then we had lunch at my most favorite bagel cafe near our house. And after much building-up to Jude about going to visit the pumpkin patch, we drove up and Jude freaked out. He was really amped about  the pumpkins and went ballistic, running around the tent. It was really fun to see. So we came away with a bunch of gourds and a couple of large pumpkins for the front porch. Simon had also bought some really fun pumpkins as well as some lovely happy mums.

Internet, I can’t help myself. I just love me some glitter. Glitter glitter GLITTER!

I’m in love with our big monogram pumpkin on the front porch. There is glitter EVERYWHERE and I really need to sweep the excess off the front porch.

Then. I took myself to Hobby Lobby and I perused some of the fall offerings. Almost all of the Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff was 50% off, so I was able to get a lot of bang for my buck. I bought these neat little berry things in fall colors and put them in a big vase on the dining room table.

Once again with the glitter. Just a tiny bit of sparkle.

It looks really dramatic under the spotlights in our dining room, especially at night. I need to get a bag of beans or something to weight it all down in the bottom of the vase. All this for, I kid you not, $15.

Some smaller, glittered pie pumpkins. A big white funkin that I haven’t decided what to do with yet. And Jude’s gourds and tiny pumpkins.

Whew. I feel so much better. It’s funny how a little glitter and a few pumpkins raised my spirits.

Oh, did I ever show you what I did with all the photos from the formal (aqua colored) living room? When I repainted, I ended up moving all the wall art into the family room and I’m pretty happy with the result. I still have nothing up on the walls in the formal living room, but I’m just waiting for the right thing.

Finally, my happy little club chair where I do the majority of my blogging from. Comfiest chair in the house!

Bye! Thanks for stopping in!

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