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The most amazing painted walls I have ever seen

Now there’s a blanket statement if there ever was one. But I was perusing Aubrey+Lindsay’s blog today during naptime and I swear my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head, and my heart started pounding, and my hands started itching for a paintbrush, and then I’m sure somewhere Simon started sweating. Because these, my friends, are the most amazing painted walls EVAH. Lindsay linked to Lucy & Company, which is an interior design service in North Carolina. All the rooms are fantastically, colorfully decorated, and I am totally in love.

Have you ever seen such a great gingham pattern? I love the subtlety of the color – it’s not too bold or gender-specific. It could be quirky or chic or even (ugh) country. And while in this particular instance I’m not wild about the furniture, etc., I am totally in love with the pattern. Gorgeous.

The pale blue is so soothing, too.

Zigzags into stripes!

I’ll bet this one was extremely difficult and time-consuming, but the result is showstopping.

Don’t even get me started on the girls’ rooms. I’m over the moon.
This is wallpaper, but that enormous-scale mirror is so over-the-top chic.

Untraditional colors but so soothing and feminine.


The roman shade? Yes please.

So Dorothy Draper. This could be at my parents’ house.

Is it just me, or could this be our upstairs bonus room?

WOW – this ceiling is amazing.

A perfect way to highlight a niche that might otherwise be awkward.

Lucky twins!

Oops, wallpaper again – but so so chic.

Wow. I am totally in love. Hop over to Lucy & Company. Their entire portfolio is so inspiring.  If you love color like I do, you’ll be over the moon!


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For the amour of Tolix

Remember how a few weeks ago I was trying to sell off our old barstools? Remember these?

Yeah, well, they’re still here. And they are unwelcome. But it’s not their fault. They’ve been perfectly fine barstools. In fact, they still look as young and spry as the day Simon bought them. But then one day I was tooling around and I nearly died of happiness because I found these:

Gorgeous barstools, nearly identical to Tolix stools, for a STEAL. I mean, a sick steal. But, the hubs wants me to get rid of the 2 we have before I acquire any more, so my darling little Tolixans are still residing in the Overstock warehouse somewhere.

Now don’t you feel sorry for me? Don’t you want to buy my old barstools so I can get my beloved Tolix?

What’s this Tolix business all about, anyway? Tolix is a French company that designs a variety of seating, all industrial in inspiration. You can get them in tons of colors, and they are sickeningly expensive here aux Etats-Unis.

Recognize these?
at Nelson Creamery
Yup. Tolix.

And these? Tolix, too.

Oh, darlings. I die.

From here.

Stephmodo even talked about the color charts of all the delightful gelato colors that the Tolix line comes in. The ones I could get on Overstock were basic black.

The yellow is awfully cheerful and happy. In our old kitchen, they would’ve been perfectly delightful.

And – AND! – they do a precious childrens’ line too. Look how cute these little stacking chaises are.

J’adore the petit “tortue” toy box too. I love just a touch of industrial in almost any space.

::sigh:: So. If you are feeling inspired to help a sister out, by all means, buy up my barstools so I can indulge in some Tolix love.

xoxo, my lovelies!

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Form and Function

In my mind, perfect design consists of form and function. It’s beautiful, but it has a purpose. That’s exactly what these gorgeous pimento Fret Boxes are. Perfect as a side table, but doing double-duty as storage boxes.  Maybe you need a way to store your kids’ toys and DVDs out of the way in the living room. This is the perfect solution without sacrificing style.


You have to go check out Modern Chic Home for other goodies. It was just launched by design blogger Belle Maison and I am really impressed. She has such an amazing eye and her picks are really cool. There’s definitely some unique stuff there that you just won’t see anywhere else.

Oversized Pimento Fret Boxes – Set of 2 Modern Chic Home.

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Kate Spade striped interior

I have no idea how old this is, or any other details on it, but have you seen these photos from Kate Spade? I’m friends with her on Facebook (ha – right), and found these photos of their New York store on their friend page. If you know any details about it, feel free to comment on it. Love it!


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Not My Style, But…

I think it’s important to find beauty in places that push you out of your comfort zone. I like to think that I can appreciate all different kinds of styles, even if I wouldn’t choose to buy it/wear it/live in it. So when I laid eyes on this space over at Apartment Therapy yesterday, I had an immediate emotional response to it. I love it — I would love to stay there, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Make sense? Anyway, look at this beeyootiful library. Isn’t that just a dream? My ultimate fantasy is to have a gorgeous book room — with a rolling library ladder.

And I would love to sink into this little daybed. It reminds me of a little hotel I stayed at in London once. Can you believe that all of this fits into 600 sq. ft. in Greenwich Village, NYC? Amazing! That side table just makes it for me. It’s a classic style that could easily mix with modern pieces for an eclectic look.

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Flickr Faves

I was reviewing some of my favorites from Flickr, and thought I’d share them with you. Flickr is the most amazing resource for all things design. There are so many creative people out there doing fantastic things!

Chroma Lab dresser









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A Preview of Coming Attractions

Just a little sneak peek … it’s not totally ready to be revealed yet, but in the meantime, here’s a preview!

Can’t wait to show you the rest!

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