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Happy Easter!

Apologies for the light posting this past week; I have been swamped with work, which is fantastic. But it has left little time for other endeavors!

Happy Easter to you all! What a wonderful weekend it was here for us. Friday night was a darling ladybug-themed birthday party for Jude’s cousin Amelia, which somehow I got no pictures of. My camera battery was dying. Then Saturday, we attended our church’s community Easter egg hunt in the morning. Jude, in the spirit of his aunt Carolyn (who as a child was considered very lucky by Simon as she won absolutely everything), won a giant Easter basket in the raffle.


lucky jude

Check out Jude’s basket. He “made” it at mother’s day out. They had an egg hunt on Thursday, and each kid had a bunny basket made out of (ahem) a bleach bucket. I about died when I saw it. I had to sniff it to see if it smelled like bleach still, but nope, it didn’t. He was the envy of many a kid at the church egg hunt. I will say, it was pretty well designed, and extremely easy for him to carry w/ the handle the way it was.
basket o' eggs

Afterwards, we hung out at the park w/ Amy & Luke.
You know that if you swing over the bar, you turn inside out. 🙂


redbud oklahoma

That afternoon, after a nice nap (well, a nap for Jude and a trip to the grocery store for me), I decided it was time for Jude to be introduced to the great art of egg dyeing. This was one of my alltime favorite things about Easter as a kid. That, and my dad creating special “traps” to catch the Easter bunny in.




see mama?

double dunk

He would barely let the eggs sit in their dye baths long enough, so our eggs were not very saturated in their color. I prefer them to be bright, but oh well. It wasn’t about me this year.


Sunday morning. Time for church to celebrate our risen Lord & Savior! I love springtime. The weather was beautiful and barely any wind in the morning. Here’s J in his easter suit, admiring his new car that came in his Easter basket.
New Shoes & New Easter Suit.

Jude & Rachel. Or, Mr. Model & Momma

New Suit

All 3 of us, squinting in the sun.
Simon, Rachel, & Jude. Easter 2010

Jude’s aunt Carolyn & cousin Piper
Carolyn & Piper

Posing with Simon’s parents, grandmother, and baby Piper.

Finally, at the end of the day, a trip out to my parents’ house where we lounged and played with more cousins.

See the elephant on the left of this photo? It was mine when I was little. My favorite animal was the elephant (I was obsessed), and this lady in my grandmother’s neighborhood had 2 cement elephants in her front garden. I saw them every time we went to Grandmother’s house. They were my favorite part of driving there. One day, my mom stopped and asked her where the elephants came from and the lady told her, so she went and got one to have at our house too because she knew how much I loved them. Now that’s being a good mom, is it not? Mom mentioned today that it could now come live at our house. 🙂 I don’t know how on earth she managed to buy the thing and get it home. It weighs a TON. Appropriately enough.

The day ended sadly when he was stung by some kind of wasp or hornet or something. It was terrible. He screamed and screamed and had all these whelps on his tummy. A sad way to end the weekend, but seems no worse for the wear.

I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful, too. I love our family; these are some awesome memories we’ve made, and I’m thankful to have an outlet to share it all on here. Isn’t the internet amazing?

Besides, if it were up to me to print these photos and scrapbook them all, I’d have given up long ago.


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Jude’s first baseball game

Last week, we went to Jude’s first baseball game to see his beloved uncle Braden (whom he calls “Cocky” for whatever reason – hilarious). Braden’s a senior and he’s an amazing baseball player. It was the perfect weather for a game, and we enjoyed hanging out with everybody and cheering on the Irish.

Mimi Kim & Jude

Jude and his Mimi, my birth mother

Mimi Kim & Jude

Holding his prized baseball from Coach Wade

OH HAPPY DAY! Jude got a baseball from the coach in the practice facility. Lucky duck.


Our favorite player! Go #3!

"Run, Cocky, Run!"


Papa Joe & Jude

Jude and his Papa Joe.

2 Sonic drinks & a hamburger

Could it have been the best day ever? Two Sonic drinks, a hamburger, and his racecars. Oh, and a baseball too.


Uncle Braden & Jude

And then the crowning moment – getting to be on the field with Braden after the game. Braden is so sweet to Jude and it just makes me smile.

No. 3

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last weekend


So I put on my garden clogs to help.


They really are from 1996. I bought them in NYC at Smith & Hawken. I was really proud of them.


Jude liked the leftover tree stumps.


Then on Sunday, a walk to the park at the lake with Simon’s sis Carolyn and her sweet little baby Piper.

Jude met a new friend. With some pretty slick wheels.

We did an impromptu photoshoot with Piper. Sweet little doll.




Oops, these are out of order. Friday night, it was like the holidays all over again at my folks’ house. The only ones we were missing were Eric & Ben, who were at a campout all weekend.

This is cousin Luke (“Chuke”) and my sister Amy. He was a sleepy boy on Friday night at my folks’ house. He could not wake up for anything. This photo just cracks me up.
sleepy chuke

Eating pizza with the cousins.

precious feet. jude.

eating up

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Birds as Decor?


It’s true. Everywhere I look in magazines, birds are a central design motif.

We are so lucky to have natural birds in our decor. I know, right?!


The long and the short of it: bird perp flew into our house AGAIN the other day when I let Jude out to play in the backyard. The door didn’t shut all the way behind him, and I was folding laundry in the laundry room. All of a sudden, Jude was back, and chattering incessantly about birds. I finally focused on what he was saying and he wanted me to come with him to show me a bird. WHAT?

Yup. Back in the house. Flew all over the living room, and into the dining room.

Pooped on its way out the door, too. Clearly this bird’s mother never taught it any manners.

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We love our neighbors. Ever since they moved in last summer, Jude has been besties with cutie pies Fletcher & Ella next door. Last week, during spring break, we tried to go to the zoo with them and their mom, Joanna. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her and even though our talks are punctuated by interruptions from the kiddos, I think she’s a cool girl.
You may remember Joanna from the poster project we did a few months ago as a fundraiser for the kids’ school. She shoots some pretty great photos.

From Joanna.

Anyway, she sent me some of these from our adventure last week. We didn’t make it to the zoo; apparently everybody in OKC thought that it was a good idea, too, so we avoided the crowds and went to Unpluggits instead and painted, glittered, and stamped to our hearts’ content.

From Joanna.

Partners in crime. 🙂

From Joanna.

I hung up some of our art from that day in the kitchen so Jude could remember all the fun we had. 🙂 I think I enjoy it more than he does.

Art in the kitchen

Jude @ Unpluggits

Jude @ Unpluggits

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Of blizzards & birds

snow bird

Friday: 72 degrees and sunshine.

Saturday: 30 degrees and blizzard.

Monday: 65 degrees and glorious sunshine.

Oklahoma is weird.

succulents in snow
I’m kinda surprised my succulents have survived the winter and all our snow. Shows how much I know about gardening. Zilch.

The snow is nearly almost melted now and so we took the opportunity after having the pukies & poops all weekend to go do something fun. We have a window into our garage, and when Jude and I came back from running around, I noticed a big bird flapping around in the window. In the garage. I pointed it out to Jude and he looked really vexed. “Hold this bird,” he said in his faltering Jude-speak.

Uh oh. Luckily, that bird flew on out once I opened the garage door so I didn’t have to go shooing it out of there with a broom. Trust me, it wouldn’t be the first time in our family. Someday I’ll have to recount the story of Simon rescuing me when we were in college from a wounded, bleeding bird who bled and pooped all over my apartment one long day while I was out.

Anyway, it’s a glorious day so while Jude napped, I was snapping pictures of things that I wanted to blog about and cleaning up the enormous mess that is our house, and I had the back doors open, airing out the house. We have two backdoors in our open living room/kitchen because at one point, they were actually two separate rooms, walled off from each other. While I was in and out, I noticed the same bird that was in the garage, perched on the ledge, watching me through the glass in the kitchen. Weird.
the perp
Here it is. The perpetrator.

Then, about an hour later, the bird actually worked up the nerve to hop in the door and take a perusal of our kitchen and living room. In a way it was kind of sweet. In a Snow White/Cinderella/birds-as-cute-helpers and not as harbingers of disease and indiscriminate poopers. Uh oh. Ummm, ok. Now is not the time to panic or freak the bird out. Then he flew on into the living room and perched on this big Moroccan star lantern I have. Oh man. PLEASE PLEASE DON’T POOP ON ANYTHING!

Finally I was able to calmly whisk the bird on out of the house, but foolishly I left one of the two doors open. Jude began to cry, so I went upstairs to get him up from his nap and I told him about the bird flying in our house. “HOLD THIS BIRD!” he proclaimed. As if this was just the best thing that has ever happened in his young life. As we came downstairs into the living room, doggone it if that darn bird wasn’t BACK IN THE KITCHEN. Eating crumbs off the floor, under Jude’s chair.

Now wait. Hmm. Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea, I think to myself in a moment of perhaps-clarity. But no. No no no. Jude’s eyes are huge at this point. This is probably as close as he’s ever gotten to a bird, and all the better that it is in his house. But then it flew onto the stove and looked like it might peck at some leftover pancakes we had made earlier this morning. “BIRD EAT PANCAKES!” Jude hisses. “NO!”

Oh dear. I don’t know how we got it out, but we did. We let the dust settle, searched for wayward bird poop to clean up, and then I let Jude put his shoes on and go see the surprise waiting for him in the backyard. I had put the legs on his plastic flamingo that we bought at Walgreens last week, and stuck it out in the remaining snow, so once the bird was dealt with, I pointed to the flamingo. “MY BIRD! MY ‘MINGO!”
flamingo on a snow island

Boy & Flamingo

And as we ran outside to inspect our newly-placed flamingo, I saw the bird. Sitting there on the roof. Staring us down. SO FREAKY. With three of his little bird friends. Now how freaky is that.

Now I need to Clorox the house. Again.


Jude in red crocs.

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The Rockets Won Out

Valentines to go to school

Well, the rocket Valentines won out for the party at Mother’s Day Out. I printed them, and taped lollipops onto the back. I am ashamed to say, there are no envelopes because I don’t know the names of all the kids in his class. How awful is that? Oh well. It’s just mother’s day out, right? RIGHT?!  We are also taking strawberry cupcakes for the class.


Completely unrelated, but precious photos nonetheless. I LOVE this kid!
listening intently

Today, in the car on the way to BSF, he told me that “Mommy precious.”  I about fell out of the moving car, it was so cute. We’ve also been listening to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack a lot lately and he begs me to play the songs “again! again!”  Future embarrassing factoid: he adores “Dancing Queen.”  Further future embarrassing factoid: I (loudly) sing along to it and there might also be a little bit of car dancing too. (Car dancing is when you’re driving a car, but you’re kinda trying to dance in your seat, too. This basically involves a lot of rear-end wiggling.)  So then, after he told me that I’m precious, he said, “Singing, mommy. Again.”  Apparently I’m not driving him too  crazy. Yet.

More cuteness: the obsession with Alvin & The Chipmunks continues. He talks about Alvin, Simon, and “Theedodore.” And with this obsession also comes another obsession with Peter Pan. This is ok with me, because I’m all for little kids who never grow up. 🙂  I’m still not grown up all the way and don’t plan on it any time soon. Jude likes for me to make up stories about Peter Pan to tell him when I put him to bed every night. We talk about mermaids, Indians, Lost Boys, and Captain Hook. Tonight he wanted to hear about the crocodile and “Cap Cook.”

Are you my mother?

reading books with daddy

Jude, I love love love you. Every day with you is a new day, full of exciting new discoveries and fun adventures. I am so happy to explore life with you!

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