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Let’s see …  what’s new around here?

New pillows for a STEAL from  Thomas Paul at an incredible discount.

Cheapo glitter wreath from Hobby Lobby for $6. I realize now that it looks kinda silly with my star wreath hanger. Ha!


And finally, a new computer thanks to my sweet Mom & Dad. My PowerBook had seen better days. It was missing a few teeth (the F4 and F5 keys, actually) and the battery was good for, oh, 3 minutes. Jude and I had fun taking pictures with the built-in camera at breakfast this morning, before BSF. Then Simon swooped in, and Jude thought it was the funniest thing ever.
Photo on 2010-01-27 at 08.23 #2
Photo on 2010-01-27 at 08.23 #4
Photo on 2010-01-27 at 08.23


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Window Boxes

Sorry I’ve been so MIA this past week! I felt a little overwhelmed, getting back into the swing of things with Simon being back in town. Once again, thank you to everyone who has offered well-wishes about my mom’s health. We are so so so happy! Otherwise, it was an up-and-down week; we attended an unexpected funeral for a friend’s dad, and that seemed to set the tone for the rest of the week. I think I felt sucked dry of inspiration, hence the lack of blogging.

This week, I have to print up two different projects — baby announcements and baby shower invitations, and I’m excited about both. More on those later when I have something to share. Also, BSF starts up this Wednesday and I am so excited to settle into a new Bible study this year. We’re also 3 weeks into Mother’s Day out, and Jude already has a cold, which means that all 3 of us now have our first colds of the school year. YAY.

Ok, moving on!

This is the front of our house, as you’ve seen many a time if you’ve hung around here very long.This photo was taken back in summer ’08, right before we closed on the house. The seller had put those sweet little window boxes up on the new dormer windows upstairs. See those geraniums? Yeah, they’re fake. And they are STILL up there. They’ve held up really well, through rain, sleet, and snow, but it is time to bid them adieu. The fact of the matter is, I still want something low maintenance. I don’t want to have to hop up there and water them all the time. It’s just not high enough on my priority list. I probably won’t change out the boxes themselves right now – there’s other stuff that I’d prefer to spend money on in the meantime, but I’m open to suggestion!

Simon cheekily suggested that I look up photos on window boxes because they are the “eyebrows of the house” and they need to be “well-groomed.” Hahaha – I think they need a good waxing if that’s true!

Here’s some sweet, chic window boxes from Benita at Chez Larsson.

This one is gorgeous, but not right for our house – I love the European look to it.

Speaking of Europe, look at these heavy, draping flowers in Venice. Aren’t they spectacular?

I absolutely LOVE these window boxes in England. LOVE them. I think because they are so sculptured, especially with the little topiaries!

::sigh:: I’m still no closer to deciding what to do. I do know I want it to have character and style, and be low maintenance.  Plus, with Fall coming on, I want it to be season-appropriate. Any recommendations?

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A Preview of Coming Attractions

Just a little sneak peek … it’s not totally ready to be revealed yet, but in the meantime, here’s a preview!

Can’t wait to show you the rest!

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Craigslist, you were good to me

Timing is everything in life, n’est-ce pas? Wednesday night, Simon and I were laying on the couch, watching TV, and I was surfing Craigslist. I happened to get really lucky and found a listing for a gorgeous bergere chair for (get this) $65. I mean, that is sick. I’ve looked at them in furniture shops, identical to these, for $400 and up. Even if the fabric was totally crappy, I couldn’t pass up $65. I emailed the seller immediately and got a very quick response and we planned to meet Thursday afternoon.

I took one look at it, and said, “Sold!” The girl who was selling it said she had gotten 14 phone calls after my email from various people, so I didn’t even bother to talk her down. I think I felt bad that she was selling it for so dirt cheap! The fabric is really soft, and in a nice creamy basketweave. The cushions are soft and pillowy. Oh, that navy pillow in the photo is one we already had — I just stuck it on there to see what it would look like. Right now, it’s sitting in our bedroom, but we’ll see where it ends up. it’s such a versatile piece, I think I could make it work in almost any room.

Oh, did I show you my $10 lamps? I don’t know if I did or not – they’re in that photo on the nightstand above. I got a pair for $10. Total. The fabulous, connected Dr.Erin told me and Dr. Christa to go check out this place called the Rink. It’s an antique store, basically, that’s housed in an old ice skating rink. I found those lamps in $10 Corner, where everything was $10. I thought about painting them, but decided to leave them as is. I also considered buying up another pair that was poop-brown and redoing them and then selling them. Would anybody buy them if I made them cool? Those lampshades came from the Pottery Barn on clearance. They cost more than the stinkin’ lamps!

If I could have it any way I liked, I think I would like to find a really fantastic fabric for it, and do a makeover that turned out similar to this:

HomeshootBlue2Or maybe this one:

gorgeoustrellischairOr, bien sur, this:

27More Flickr faves:

Couldn’t you just die at this gorgeous fabric? Amy Butler, below.

From Anthro:

Guess I need to get my bargain-hunting game on for cool fabric. I’ll know it when I see it.

Internet, I need to tell you something. I harbor a tiny dream of having a furniture shop. Where I sell not only new fabulous things, but also old pieces that I’ve found and put my own spin on. I would do lamps, chairs, tables, whatever. A girl can dream, non? Would you shop at my store?

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Moody Blues

I know, I know. You’re thinking, what on earth else is she going to paint? I promise I’m done after this. I promise. It’s just that I keep thinking about our beautiful blue living room from the other house and, well, I miss it. I really do. It’s the only thing from that house that I miss, except maybe our beautiful hardwood floors. And since I can’t redo those floors, I can redo that blue. So I made Simon a deal: I have to have it 100% completed by next Wednesday – no touchups to finish, nothing. Completely finished.

Oh great, she’s at it again!
I’ve had paint chips up for awhile, and finally made a choice between 3 different Sherwin-Williams colors. None was just exactly right, so I took them back today for tweaking. None of these photos really do any of the colors justice. They look electric in these photos; not quite so dramatic in real life.

The trick is that I want it to blend with not only our dining room, but also the entry way, and as it leads into the bedroom. The entryway is the key: it blends the turquoise of our rug, as well as the deep green of our buffet. In the dining room, the wallpaper has all these colors and more, so it’s kind of the perfect bring-it-all-together pattern, in a way. But then there’s the matching green china cabinet to tie in the entryway as well. Finally, I found this photo as inspiration to link my blues and my greens from the living room into the master bedroom – not that I’d be using both colors together, moreso that it’s just a good visual reference for how the colors will look together.
So I finally went back and bought my gallon of paint, thinking that I’d landed on it. I got one wall totally painted, and then I ran out of tape for the rest of the room (grrr). Probably was all the better, though, because Simon didn’t like how bright it was, and to be fair, I wasn’t 100% sure of it either. I think I need it to be lighter.

And it’s just amazing to me, once again, how different it can look in different lights. Notice how on the left of that photo it looks greenish, but how in the shadows on the right, it has more of a blue cast? Amazing.

Painting with a toddler is torture. Just sayin’. But Sesame Street is

Should be interesting to see how the paint looks in the morning. Regardless, it’s going back to the paint store to be lightened significantly.

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House Numbers

Are you having a great Memorial Day weekend thus far? We definitely are! My goal is to spend the entire weekend in my swimsuit (well, except for when we’re at church – ha!). Otherwise, we’re hanging out at my parents’ house and enjoying time with friends and family. 

One of my goals for the weekend was to get my numbers painted on the door. This really did turn out to be a fairly simple and inexpensive project, although let me say that if you are at all inclined to perfectionism and/or OCDness, this may not be the project for you. More on that in a bit. In the end, I spent $0 on it because I already had all of the supplies. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to do this project too:

  • a printout of your numbers/letters/whatever to transfer onto the desired surface
  • a ruler
  • a fairly soft pencil — no harder than a #2/2B. Ideally, I’d probably go with a 4B.
  • a variety of fine-tipped paintbrushes 
  • painter’s tape
  • a cup of water for your paintbrushes and a surface for your paint. I used a styrofoam container
  • paint of your choice (I used artist’s acrylic in white; any interior latex would work just as fine)

1. I laid out the numbers in Adobe Illustrator. I guess you could do this also in a program like Word (ick). I had measured the size of my door space, and knew that I needed the letters and numbers to fit within an 18.25″x6.25″ space. I printed them on two 8.5×11 and then trimmed them down.

2. Now for the transfer. To transfer these to the door, I traced the reverse of the image (aka, the back of the paper) to have a perfect mirror image of the letters & numbers with my soft pencil (once again, nothing harder than a #2. You want to be darn sure you get that lead to transfer to your surface). I then taped them to the door, making sure it was even and straight, and scribbled over the edges of each to achieve the transfer of the tracing. Simple! And kinda fun.

3. Give your screaming toddler who just woke up too early from his nap (because you kept running upstairs to get all your supplies in order – ugh) something to do so you can finish your project. Ring the doorbell over and over again to pique his curiosity and bring him into eyesight to make sure he isn’t running amuck with rolls of toilet paper.

4. Depending on what letters and numbers you’re using, use as much painters’ tape as possible to help keep your lines crisp. Here’s where you’ll run into problems if you’re a perfectionist or uptight. It is really really difficult to freehand these, especially if you have a lot of curved letters. Zeros, fives, threes — really anything other than a 1, 4, or 7 is going to be tricky. I’m just warning you. You’re just going to have to let go. And don’t look too close at my front door when you come by, mkay? Because it is not perfect.

5. Use teeny tiny little brushes to get your details right. I mean itty bitty little brushes. I used a range of four different brushes I had. Also, it required several coats of the white acrylic to really look right. Be sure to use a lot of water with your acrylic; it will help you substantially and keep from looking gloppy. Is that a word?

6. Ring your own doorbell for the billionth time to lure your child into view. Watch as a myriad of books and trains come flying down the stairs. Discover later that your brilliant offspring has located his own diaper bag and disemboweled it of all the snacks you’ve been hiding in it and has strewn them about the living room. 

7. And voila! Remove your tape and you have your numbers painted! Chase the toddler as he makes a break out the front door for your paint brushes and catch a glimpse of your handiwork as you drag him back inside.We are so happy with the result! When Simon came home from running errands, he commented on seeing it from the street. Later, when we left for my parents’ house, I made him drive really slowly so I could get a good look at it. AnNicole, I owe you big time – it was because of your blog that I caught on to this idea! Thanks, friend!

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Up up and away . . . upstairs

I’m a definite fan of our big bonus room (for lack of a better term) upstairs. It feels like a cozy little getaway with the angled ceilings and windowseats that look out onto the front yard. I frequently enjoy sitting in the windowseats with Jude and watching for Simon to come home from work. However, we don’t entirely have it all furnished or as we would like it. But that’s half the fun, right? It’s all in the thrill of the hunt. I got some more of those ledges from IKEA (love them!) because I had this vision of a display of a bunch of my design books; I’m sure that I will use it as a revolving display for various pictures and books.

Ideally, when I think of this room and how I would like it to function, I imagine a cozy hangout where you could sit and read books or maybe play games. It would also be a place where our kid(s) would one day do homework or play with their friends. In the shelf corner (above) I’d like to have a table that looks like this (but in white):And I might put chairs like this around them:

Then, here in the middle, where this rug and daybed is, I would have a similar setup to how it is now, but with different chairs. I imagine that one day we’ll move one of our other sofas from downstairs up here when we get a new sofa (hint, hint, Simon! cough cough) and then we also need some kind of coffee table.  We are also in need of some lighting of some kind. Lamps or something. It’s just a wee bit dark.

Here are some gorgeous inspiration photos that I’ve been hanging on to. Candice Olson was the designer, and I just love the final result. I can imagine our space turning out similarly.Did you see that round table in the middle photo? That’s exactly what I want for the corner.  ::sigh:: So gorgeous. Candice, will you come to our house, please? Love you!

I’m semi-obsessed with books. All kinds of books. Especially pretty books. I just want to be surrounded by them and have them available at all times. A good book is like a dear friend. I want them close and I don’t want to relegate them back to a library. Jude likes my books too, although he likes to pull them all off the shelves and make a huge mess. Doesn’t he know it takes forever to arrange them?!?!Anyway, there you go. There’s my inspiration for our upstairs space. Always a work in progress, but always fun to work on!

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