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The most amazing painted walls I have ever seen

Now there’s a blanket statement if there ever was one. But I was perusing Aubrey+Lindsay’s blog today during naptime and I swear my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head, and my heart started pounding, and my hands started itching for a paintbrush, and then I’m sure somewhere Simon started sweating. Because these, my friends, are the most amazing painted walls EVAH. Lindsay linked to Lucy & Company, which is an interior design service in North Carolina. All the rooms are fantastically, colorfully decorated, and I am totally in love.

Have you ever seen such a great gingham pattern? I love the subtlety of the color – it’s not too bold or gender-specific. It could be quirky or chic or even (ugh) country. And while in this particular instance I’m not wild about the furniture, etc., I am totally in love with the pattern. Gorgeous.

The pale blue is so soothing, too.

Zigzags into stripes!

I’ll bet this one was extremely difficult and time-consuming, but the result is showstopping.

Don’t even get me started on the girls’ rooms. I’m over the moon.
This is wallpaper, but that enormous-scale mirror is so over-the-top chic.

Untraditional colors but so soothing and feminine.


The roman shade? Yes please.

So Dorothy Draper. This could be at my parents’ house.

Is it just me, or could this be our upstairs bonus room?

WOW – this ceiling is amazing.

A perfect way to highlight a niche that might otherwise be awkward.

Lucky twins!

Oops, wallpaper again – but so so chic.

Wow. I am totally in love. Hop over to Lucy & Company. Their entire portfolio is so inspiring.  If you love color like I do, you’ll be over the moon!


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A Preview of Coming Attractions

Just a little sneak peek … it’s not totally ready to be revealed yet, but in the meantime, here’s a preview!

Can’t wait to show you the rest!

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Moody Blues

I know, I know. You’re thinking, what on earth else is she going to paint? I promise I’m done after this. I promise. It’s just that I keep thinking about our beautiful blue living room from the other house and, well, I miss it. I really do. It’s the only thing from that house that I miss, except maybe our beautiful hardwood floors. And since I can’t redo those floors, I can redo that blue. So I made Simon a deal: I have to have it 100% completed by next Wednesday – no touchups to finish, nothing. Completely finished.

Oh great, she’s at it again!
I’ve had paint chips up for awhile, and finally made a choice between 3 different Sherwin-Williams colors. None was just exactly right, so I took them back today for tweaking. None of these photos really do any of the colors justice. They look electric in these photos; not quite so dramatic in real life.

The trick is that I want it to blend with not only our dining room, but also the entry way, and as it leads into the bedroom. The entryway is the key: it blends the turquoise of our rug, as well as the deep green of our buffet. In the dining room, the wallpaper has all these colors and more, so it’s kind of the perfect bring-it-all-together pattern, in a way. But then there’s the matching green china cabinet to tie in the entryway as well. Finally, I found this photo as inspiration to link my blues and my greens from the living room into the master bedroom – not that I’d be using both colors together, moreso that it’s just a good visual reference for how the colors will look together.
So I finally went back and bought my gallon of paint, thinking that I’d landed on it. I got one wall totally painted, and then I ran out of tape for the rest of the room (grrr). Probably was all the better, though, because Simon didn’t like how bright it was, and to be fair, I wasn’t 100% sure of it either. I think I need it to be lighter.

And it’s just amazing to me, once again, how different it can look in different lights. Notice how on the left of that photo it looks greenish, but how in the shadows on the right, it has more of a blue cast? Amazing.

Painting with a toddler is torture. Just sayin’. But Sesame Street is

Should be interesting to see how the paint looks in the morning. Regardless, it’s going back to the paint store to be lightened significantly.

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Buh-Bye, Beige!

Hello, Laguna Green!

Well, that’s what I’m calling it, at least. It’s not an actual color from Sherwin-Williams — it’s right in between Rice Paddy and Hearts of Palm. So. I’m naming this color Laguna Green because it is so similar — although not exact —  to the kitchen color of the rental we had in Laguna Beach two years ago (see photo above).  

Yes, the master bedroom makeover is complete. The green has been picked, and the paint is now dry. I’m exhausted, but so so happy with it. It feels like a whole new room! It even feels bigger somehow. Paint is the unifying element; it has turned a boring beige room into a bright, beautiful haven. I am just pleased as punch.

Here’s the “before” just to remind you:

And now for the after!

Whew! It was a whirlwind day! It went a whole lot faster since I did all the prep work over the weekend. It made the painting go a whole lot quicker. I’m just so glad to have it done! Finally!

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Won’t you come stay?

Yippee! The guest bedroom transformation is complete! I got a few paint samples over the week after I posted about my inspiration here. It was a really easy little project and within a couple of hours, the job was finished. Everything’s put back into place now and is looking pretty and calming.

I kinda wondered how it would work out to have only the one blue wall painted, but I’m pleased with the result. Anything more might’ve been a wee bit dark.

The color, for reference, is Sherwin Williams’ Tempe Star. It’s pretty; compared to other blues, it’s almost greyish. It’s just really calming overall.

We spent a good deal of time at Sherwin Williams yesterday, and I am just so frustrated. We can’t seem to nail down the right green, although I thought we were close. Paint is so hard! Our walls look like this and I am getting tired of it:

So. We continue on.

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Pick a paint, any paint

Tonight when Simon was on his way home from work, he called home, as he tends to do, and we discussed the day.

“What did you do today?” he asks.

“Um, oh, well, you know, grocery shopping, child-raising, oh, and um, painting,”  I respond.

“Painting.” This is a statement, not a question.

Poor Simon. Somewhere between yesterday and today, we have moved from just paint chips tacked to the wall to full-on painted swatches all over the room. 

“So I guess we’re committing,” he remarks.

He really is so good to indulge me. I’m a lucky girl! Now if we could just decide on a color.Forgive the goofy photo; I shot it with my iPhone. All but one of the swatches is Benjamin Moore. The third swatch is actually the same color that I painted the upstairs bathroom (RIP, Bunny Toile). Right now, the far right swatch is winning out.

Ideas? Suggestions? I’m feeling ambiguous right now about it all.

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Hooray for Stripes

Ok, I think I can now officially strike 2 items off of my New Year’s Resolution/To-Do List. This weekend, we officially tackled my striping project in the entryway and…. AND!!! … we got the BEST fabric for the curtains in the kitchen. I am so excited. I just stood there and stared at them all weekend, that’s how excited I was. I was so excited, that I went ahead and painted the entryway in my enthusiasm. 

On Saturday, we visited one of my most favorite places, the Fabric Factory, over on NW 23rd Street. It is fabric heaven. They have all these gorgeous fabrics, and I really feel like a kid in a candy store. I would love to work in a fabric store so I could just be surrounded by all of that all day. (Same goes for ribbon & me, too.) Simon found a roll of this beautiful green & cream stripe silk, and we were both in love. So we had them cut it and we were on our way. Jude was just happy to be in a fabric store. And then he burped loudly and, um, it kinda sounded like he yakked up something, so I’m sure the saleslady was thrilled about that and was happy to see us go. But he didn’t yak, and we didn’t have to buy a roll of expensive fabric because our child ruined it. Whew!

Two years ago, when we were living in our first house, I fell in love with this inspiration photo from Domino magazine:It was from Mary McDonald’s studio in LA, and I just thought it was so chic. And we had this little powder bathroom that was off of our kitchen. It had beautiful, pristine black-and-white tile and I decided to paint the horizontal black and white stripes to match it and this was the result:It was such a tiny bathroom; this was the best photo that I could get of it. from the kitchen. But I loved it, and it was such a conversation piece. I painstakingly painted those stripes. I’m sure that whoever lives there now is like, oh man, thanks SO much for painting BLACK stripes on the bathroom wall. ::rolling of homeowner’s eyes::

Anyway, ever since then, I’ve wanted to paint something, anything, in this new house in stripes. I love the effect. A lot of it may stem from my time in VisComm at OU. My mom will attest to me calling home many, many times, frustrated about having to re-do these crazy ink and pen stripe projects we were given. It was so hard, but it was good because it made us really conscious of precision and proportion.

So this was the final product of my stripe obsession. Our walls are painted in a flat paint called “Blonde” and we have a can of it left over from the sellers. So I took a sample of it to Lowe’s and had them match it, and then tone it down by approximately 25%. They also did it in a semi-gloss, so we would have some contrast against the original wall color. And then the prep work began! I knew I wanted an odd number of stripes, so I measured the height of the wall from crown molding to floor, and then divided by 7. This turned out to be about 12 1/2″. So each stripe is about that height, give or take.

I’m just pleased as punch. Simon is too. He said numerous times this weekend, “Jude, if your mother could stripe our whole house, she would.”  Ahh, he knows me well! I wish you could see how pretty the gloss is against the flat paint. I am just in stripe heaven.My next project is to get a runner rug for the entry and replace the sweet little blue kilim rug that is currently there. I want one of the Madeline Weinrib dhurrie rugs, and I think I might purchase it with some Christmas money. Nothing striped, though, for the rug — something more organic.

As I rehung Grandmother’s mirror in the entry and I put the buffet back in place, I wonder if Grandmother ever thought that these pieces would be here now. I wonder what she would think of it, and I wish that she could come over and see it all together. Did you know that the china cabinet still smells like her house? I love that, and I hope it never changes.

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