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My dream come true!

Before we got married married, I lived in a little duplex just down the street from a popular little shopping plaza, tucked into the neighborhood. Starbucks, cute little restaurants, and a post office tucked into a card shop were all at my beck and call. I loved to hop on my bike and run over there to do errands.

Unfortunately our house now is in a less urban area, although still in the middle of town. There’s just not as much to ride the bike to. I love the image above because it’s totally inspiring to me – riding my bike looking all turned out in a full skirt and cute shoes. As a student in Paris, I loved seeing the Parisian women riding their bikes everywhere, looking perfectly coiffed and all Audrey Hepburn. (I never managed to look that pristine in Paris – I was usually the hot & sweaty American art student, lugging my art supplies and portfolio on the metro. June is hot in Paris)

it’s mary ruffle (via {wit + delight}).


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Hunting for Planters

Since Spring is in full swing here, both Simon and I have had the itch to get out in the yard and pretty things up a bit. At our first house, we were actively involved in the complete makeover of our front yard, and it was a lot of fun. A lot of work. But a lot of fun. Now, at our current house, it was nice to come into a yard that was already well-maintained. We just get to put our own personal stamp onto it, like adding some of our favorite plants and flowers.

I’ve been on the hunt for some eye-catching planters for the front porch. I feel like the front porch is an extension of our entryway. I want it to be a little bit dramatic, a little bit whimsical, and just the right amount of color. It ought to be inviting. And it ought to speak of your personality. Hence, the great hunt for planters.  I had kinda pre-shopped around to see what was available, checking out prices. I knew that I would fall madly in love with whatever they have at TLC here in Oklahoma City. They have the prettiest selection of all things landscaping, right down to their old-fashioned brightly-colored watering cans. And of course, planters are no exception. They’re all arranged according to color, and they are absolutely stunning.


Jude likes the giant “feet” planters. And yes, they come in every color!
pots @ TLC

The glossy black is so dramatic. I love it.
But it’s the blues that really catch my eye.

OHHHH YES. The tiffany blue is IT! These are the ones I originally brought Simon to see. I love them. I love their color, their glossiness, and I just knew that they’d pop against our red brick. Gorgeous.

Alas. They were not meant to be. Un petit peu too expensive, and maybe a hair too short.

But oh my. Look at that ombre above. Gorgeous. And the green section?! HELLO.


Hydrangeas are my favorite, and they are in full bloom right now @ TLC.

A sandbox to pass the time in …

Finally, we headed over to Home Depot, where I had seen some planters I really liked. Silly me – I should’ve shot some photos of them. They were really cool and in some amazingly bright colors. Simon didn’t feel they were 100% right for the style of our house, and in the end, I agreed. But they were definitely fab. However, Home Depot came out the clear winner among the (relatively) inexpensive big box-type retailers (i.e., Lowe’s, WalMart, Target, etc.). Target came in a close 2nd with some nice Smith & Hawken offerings, but everything else was a total bust (cheap-looking or ugly). I was pleasantly surprised at the selection @ Home Depot. Check these little dimpled orange cuties out –

But it was this collection that gave us a second look. Nearly identical in color, style, and texture to the ones we saw at TLC, but half the price!

We ended up not getting the tallish green ones, although I really like them. A lot. As in, now that I think about it, maybe we should’ve gotten a couple for the back patio. But the blue pots are so striking on our front porch. I’m just pleased as punch. No great reveal just yet – we still need to get the plants to put in them, but I feel like we are taking the right step. Thank you thank you thank you to my sweet hubs for indulging me! I love this man!


How about you? Are you into gardening? I feel like I know absolutely nothing. Have any good references?

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Cameron’s Style

Sorry it’s been light on posting here as of late. We’re getting back into the swing of things here at home, and picking back up with work. So things are a little light here on the blog.  But… spring is coming! It’ll be here before we know it!

After watching the Oscars, I was thinking how fabulous Cameron Diaz looked. So girly, so pretty in that shiny Oscar de la Renta (never a bad choice). While Cameron definitely has a flair for the more unusual, these are some of my recent faves of hers. She’s perpetually girlish.

After seeing this last photo, it seals my decision to start belting absolutely everything this spring. I am loving the look. Anthropologie has had some fun belts for little $$$. I know, shocking. I’m more likely to pick one of these belts – not quite so bright as Ms Diaz’s little red cincher:

Weft & Warp Belt

Over-Under Belt

Leaps & Bounds Belt

Buckled Cummerbund

Three-Beat Belt

And the always delightful Caning Double Belt. Such a pretty color – and it comes in white and blue too.

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Dachshund Coat Rack



weenie dog hooks


Ok, how cute is this? I think this would be super fun in a laundry/mud room and of course in any kid’s room. Just too cute and whimsical!

at Rose & Radish, via Babygadget

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Spring, can you hear me? It’s me, Rachel

Spring, I’m really ready for you. No really. I am. I’m ready for pedicures and sandals and dresses and suntans.  So whenever you want to hurry on up and come this way, it’ll be a-ok avec moi. Because that delightful little 70-degree Saturday this weekend was just a wee bit too marvelous for words. 

your biggest fan

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Style: Love in the Afternoon

I grew up on a steady diet of old movies. My parents weren’t so keen on a lot of current stuff – too much sex, violence, language, that sort of thing, so we frequently watched the old movie channels. I think my style was greatly influenced by a lot of 1950s and 60s movies, such as Funny Face (a great fashion movie and gorgeous color) or Gigi. Musicals, black-and-white, color, westerns – really, whatever: I’m game. I have never been one to devalue something merely because it isn’t new. So often, the older movies are so much better than newer ones.  

I loved all of these movies so much that I even thought I wanted to be an actress for awhile. This was horrifying to my parents, but they wisely allowed me to let it run its course, and after 2 weeks as a theatre major at Pepperdine (where I was waaaaay in over my head), I decided to take my final bow (ha!) and pursue something else. Relief washed over my folks – I could hear it over the phone when I called in tears to tell them that I had decided to not pursue the stage. 🙂  Anyways. Another story for another day… I can recall one particularly bad day when I was supposed to give a monologue to my drama class, and I completely blanked out and forgot my lines. It was bad.

So, if I couldn’t be an actress and dress up in all those wonderful clothes, oh well — that was really all I wanted to do anyways, was wear the fabulous clothes. 

Dad and I had this running fascination with Love in the Afternoon, a cute little movie with a young Audrey Hepburn and an aging (yet handsome) Gary Cooper. She’s young, and her father is a private eye in Paris, assigned to watch over Gary Cooper, who is a very busy playboy, involved in hilarious, well-documented escapades around the world with various women. I recently watched this movie again – yay for Netflix on demand! – and I was taken again not only with the gorgeous clothes, but the glamorous locales.

As a student in Paris during college, I remember walking across the Place Vendome, and gazing up at the Ritz. Wouldn’t it be marvelous, romantic, even? It remains the same today, just as it is in the movie. I would even be happy to stay in one of the little chambres des bonnes, the tiny maids’ quarters at the top of many of the old Haussman-era Parisian buildings. But if I went, I would have to have the perfect wardrobe, a la Audrey. Audrey Hepburn’s clothes are nothing if magnificent (what else is new), but the little black dresses she wears as a part of her role as a cellist remain timeless and chic. Anyway, queue this one up on Netflix and enjoy. And be sure to keep an eye out for her gorgeous gowns.

Other great Paris and/or fashion movies:
Gigi (a gorgeous scene at the end in this amazing white satin gown)
Funny Face
Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain 
Sabrina (old and new)
Love in the Afternoon

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