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“I want a pink candy party”

When Madeline Grace’s mom Rachelle contacted me about doing birthday party invitations, she said that Madeline specifically wanted to have a pink candy party. We used pictures from the Birthday Girl blog as inspiration, such as this one:

Rachelle also wanted to keep it really young and pretty – nothing too grownup. Madeline, after all, only three. 🙂

So for the invitations, we did a double-sided print. The design was based on classic candy wrappers and turned out really … well, sweet. We also did a blossom-colored envelope to match the pink stripes and polka dots.


Then, to add to the fun, we did labels for the drinks – pink lemonade, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, and regular milk, as well as tags for the favor bags that say “Pure Sweetness.” Rachelle is also doing a candy bar of just pink candy, so we made labels for all of her different jars. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

And while I didn’t photograph it, we also made individual nametags for each party-goer that are going on the milk jugs that Rachelle has (recycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles!). All in all, too cute and I cannot WAIT to see her pictures from the party!

Thank you, Rachelle, for letting me be a part of Madeline’s big day! You are a sweet friend!


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Elegance in Navy Paper

Caught this one over at dress, design & decor … a beautiful navy invitation. I even like the folds, which is unusual for me as I prefer a flat myself. Lovely typography with the slightest touch of whimsy, yet still traditional.

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Font Lovin’

Some new-to-me fonts that caught my eye

Catacumba Pro Family

Dessau Pro (it’s that outlined one. I DIE!)

Brownstone Sans. Not available just yet. As seen on the Veer blog here.

Lately someone asked me about doing a font swap w/ the Narziss Swirls. If that was you, I’ve got it now, so drop me a line or comment here and I’m more than happy to do a swap!

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Big Reveal: Kerri’s Invitations

Kerri's Invitations
I talked a little bit about Kerri’s invitations here. She’s an interior design student, and her fiance is a photographer. It’s always fun to work with fellow creatives, and I knew they were going to want something a little out-of-the-box.  They were so fun to work with, and I hope that their wedding is everything they dreamed of and more!

Kerri's Invitations



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Busy Busy

I get a lot of questions from brides-to-be on how my process for custom wedding invitations works, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about it here.  One of my favorite paper projects to work on is custom wedding invitations for the detail-oriented bride. Custom paper goods aren’t necessarily for everybody. It’s definitely a niche. Every bride has her own priorities when it comes to the various elements of her wedding. Some girls are focused on their reception and their cake, and thus, spend the majority of their money there. For others, it’s a fabulous gown (that was me) or maybe a jaw-dropping venue. And there are plenty of brides that are happy to pick out their invitation from a binder and call it a day.

But that wasn’t me. For me, an invitation sets the tone of any event. It’s like a tiny sneak peek into an experience that you are invited to attend. For me, my wedding invitations were about expressing who Simon and I are and to give people an insight to the event that we were planning. I fell in love with invitations from design studios like Hello Lucky and Peculiar Pair Press. Simon kept pressing me to design the invitations for us. Didn’t he realize, I thought to myself, that designing for yourself is always ten times harder than designing for any client?

But in the end, I’m so glad that I took that challenge. I was madly in love with our invitations, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. And that’s exactly the same experience that I want my brides to have: falling madly in love with their invitations because they’re just that detail-oriented. Most of my brides are the types that are interested in that kind of detail. They want gorgeous imagery, pretty colors and unusual fonts. Not just your run-of-the-mill, plain white, out-of-a-book kind of invitations. It’s something that the recipient will find great pleasure in opening and reading.

When I work with a bride, we have an initial meeting (sometimes with the mother-of-the-bride or groom-to-be in attendance) where I encourage the bride to bring me absolutely everything about her wedding. I want to know what her vision is for her big day. Magazine clippings, photos of the cake, fabric swatches – I’ve even had somebody bring a bridesmaid’s dress. Nothing is too crazy, trust me. It’s even helpful to see examples of stuff that the bride hates. Anything that can give me insight into the type of style that the bride prefers is awesome.

Afterwards, I go home and get designing. I (almost) always provide three samples then to the bride to choose from, based on our previous discussion. Usually one of these samples will be similar to what the bride is looking for. We’ll then fine-tune the design of the invitations and other collateral materials, such as RSVPs, envelopes, direction cards, save-the-dates, etc. From there, it’s approval of the final proof and then off to the printers we go. I’ve printed anything from letterpress, to thermography (a type of printing that gives the look of engraving without the high cost), as well as a simple digital flat print.

Check out these three above. They’re all in a similar color scheme, with similar elements. The bride and groom were not interested in anything that suggested traditional. No flourishy fonts or images. The bride is an interior design student and the groom is a photographer. They like bold patterns, and contemporary typefaces. In the end, we went in a different direction than some of these samples shown above, but I won’t reveal those just yet. 🙂  They’ll be printed by the beginning of next month, so I’ll be sure and post them here.

I often get asked a lot about ceremony programs. In my experience, the programs are always a last-minute project, and are typically on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to the budget. By the time the details of the ceremony have been hammered out, it’s usually within two weeks of the wedding date, and so it’s a project on a short budget and a short time frame. I’m always more than happy to work within a budget and try to bring as much spice and creativity to a project as possible.

Well, so there you have it. A petit primer on the ins-and-outs of wedding invitations. If you are interested in invitations, whether it be of the social or wedding variety, drop me an email here and let’s discuss what it is you’re looking for.

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Places I have Never Been {via I am a greedy girl}

Fellow Oklahoman graphic designer Caroline Duke runs a fun blog called I am a Greedy Girl. She talked about these prints from JHillDesigns the other day, and I just can’t stop thinking about them. Places I Have Never Been is so fun.

I love the color, the typography — the imagery is fun, too.

Framed or unframed, a group of these on your wall would look fantastic.

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Paperwink Stamps

Seems like custom stamps are everywhere these days! Recently, new fave blog Little Green Notebook did a giveaway of one of the Paperwink stamps and I had to go check out their site. I really like the design of these. They’re different enough, and not too expensive. Sadly, they’re not self-inking, which is uber-convenient, but I think I could muster the strength to lift the stamp from inkpad to paper. 🙂

They do more than just stamps, too. There’s some darling little blank notebooks, as well as matching stationery to go with your fun stamp.

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