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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine goodies

There’s no nicer surprise than your hottie husband stealthily coming home in the middle of the day on his lunch hour with gorgeous flowers and a Valentine present for you! Simon was sweet to bring me such lovely pretties on Friday afternoon.

Here’s Jude’s Valentine photo from MDO that they took of him at his party.

Jude's valentine picture

Coy thing, that Jude.

Valentine goodies

My present from Simon was a really awesome laptop sleeve from BuiltNY. I hadn’t even said anything to him about it, but it was like he just knew! So awesome! I’m in love — with the man and the laptop sleeve! 🙂


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The Rockets Won Out

Valentines to go to school

Well, the rocket Valentines won out for the party at Mother’s Day Out. I printed them, and taped lollipops onto the back. I am ashamed to say, there are no envelopes because I don’t know the names of all the kids in his class. How awful is that? Oh well. It’s just mother’s day out, right? RIGHT?!  We are also taking strawberry cupcakes for the class.


Completely unrelated, but precious photos nonetheless. I LOVE this kid!
listening intently

Today, in the car on the way to BSF, he told me that “Mommy precious.”  I about fell out of the moving car, it was so cute. We’ve also been listening to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack a lot lately and he begs me to play the songs “again! again!”  Future embarrassing factoid: he adores “Dancing Queen.”  Further future embarrassing factoid: I (loudly) sing along to it and there might also be a little bit of car dancing too. (Car dancing is when you’re driving a car, but you’re kinda trying to dance in your seat, too. This basically involves a lot of rear-end wiggling.)  So then, after he told me that I’m precious, he said, “Singing, mommy. Again.”  Apparently I’m not driving him too  crazy. Yet.

More cuteness: the obsession with Alvin & The Chipmunks continues. He talks about Alvin, Simon, and “Theedodore.” And with this obsession also comes another obsession with Peter Pan. This is ok with me, because I’m all for little kids who never grow up. 🙂  I’m still not grown up all the way and don’t plan on it any time soon. Jude likes for me to make up stories about Peter Pan to tell him when I put him to bed every night. We talk about mermaids, Indians, Lost Boys, and Captain Hook. Tonight he wanted to hear about the crocodile and “Cap Cook.”

Are you my mother?

reading books with daddy

Jude, I love love love you. Every day with you is a new day, full of exciting new discoveries and fun adventures. I am so happy to explore life with you!

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Jude’s Valentines

I wanted to design some fun Valentines for Jude this year, something cute for him to give his little friends at Mother’s Day Out. A few might get mailed out to some family members too. 🙂  I couldn’t decide what to do – Valentine’s is such a girly holiday, and I wanted to do something a little different. The rocket design was based on a vintage illustration. But the bee one is probably my favorite. Haven’t decided which one to print, but I guess I better get on it!



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Getting Ready for Valentine’s

Even when I was single, I really loved Valentine’s Day. And now that I have a little one, it’s no exception. If anything, it’s a great reason/excuse to buy up fun Valentine’s boxed cards and decorate the house in pink and red. It may be a month away, but Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays. Even if it is a Hallmark holiday. 😉

Here’s some fun V-Day goodies…

From Etsy …
Amazingly detailed cut paper.

Pink pom pom trim! For decorating or wrapping a special little present.

A cute little felt matching game for the little ones.

From Paper Source:
Sweetheart Wreath Kit

Quite possibly my favorite Valentines…

From Martha Stewart…

Playing cards and cute sayings.

Marbleized Valentines

I would love to try my hand at quilling. These designs are delightful!

I even love all the cheesy little Valentines’ catchphrases! and this one would be an easy project for kids.

Precious! (FYI, the hat is from Hanna Anderssen and is only $7)

Also, if you have a Hobby Lobby near you, all of their Valentines’ items are 30% off this week. Also, the Martha Stewart Crafts items at Michael’s are also 30% off. Stock up on some Valentine’s supplies!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I positively adore Valentine’s Day and I always have, with the exception of a few angst-ridden years there (think high school and college). Anyway, I always loved making Valentine boxes in elementary school, and picking out just the right cards. This year, it seems like it snuck up on me. I didn’t see it coming somehow. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to it! Jude has already gotten some cards in the mail, and we have mailed out ours.

I hope your day is wonderful and full of love (and chocolate!) 

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