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Non-Themey Seasonal Decorating

If you’ve ever been the recipient of goofy holiday decor, like that chuckling Santa cookie jar or dancing snowman, then this is a post for you. I tend to be a non-themey person. I’m not interested in people walking into a room and thinking, “oh, ok, this is your Paris room” or similar. When it comes to holiday decor, I like to keep it chic and simple, but I do like the idea of special Christmas sheets or Christmas dishes.

This large buffalo check duvet cover and shams from Pottery Barn is so graphic and appealing in the bright red. While it looks a little bit country here in this photo, I can imagine it super-chic against bright white sheets, with pale Robins’-egg blue throw pillows. I’m nixing the toile shown here. Blah.



Buffalo Check Duvet Cover & Sham | Pottery Barn.

Chrysi and I were talking the other day about how we both love anything with a bird motif, and these “Strawberry Fields” sheets from Pottery Barn attracted both of us. Once again, not too themey, but just fun and bright for Christmas. This isn’t the best picture of it; if you get the PB Bed & Bath Catalog, there’s a way better photo.

Um, how fun is this? If you have a 4-poster bed, you MUST hang beautiful boxwood branches from it! I love it! (image from Pottery Barn)

Ahhh, Crate & Barrel! I wish we had one of you here in Oklahoma City! Look at these fun retro-inspired scallop dishes and cakestand!

Or maybe these striped espresso cups!


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On the hunt for Christmas Stockings

We own zero Christmas stockings, and I’m thinking it’s time that we get some. One of my friends told me the other day that her childhood stockings were handmade by her mom, and the cuffs were trimmed with fabric from her wedding dress. Now that’s an heirloom keepsake! I like the idea of making my own, but there’s a lot of really amazing stockings out there too.

Etsy is a veritable smorgasbord of handmade stockings. Check out these offerings from MissMosh:

The Original Elf Felt Stocking brown pinks cream by missmosh.

Oh, and an awesome tree skirt too!


RikRak’s felted stockings are so bold and graphic. I can only begin to imagine the fun combinations!

Initial stockings!!!! Ack!!!! I DIE!!!

Felt ornaments, too.

Bloom & Barnacle’s sweet ribbed stripe stockings

But it’s these striped knit stockings from Sturbridge Yankee that I’m in love with.

They’re half off, too – $19.99 apiece.

And paired with these fun frame stocking holders from Pottery Barn, they would be perfect.




A funky Jester stocking from Pier 1.




What kind of stockings do you have? Do you mix & match or have all the same?



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A Knock-Knocking Christmas

Ever since I wrote about Knock-Knocking‘s delightful yarn wreaths, I’ve bookmarked her blog and keep checking back at her Etsy shop. She makes the most interesting things, and her Christmas decor is no exception. Run on over there and snatch it up before it’s all gone!

Darling little nutcrackers in a variety of fun colors.

I’m in love with this tree. I want to make one.

An elegant use of different yarn textures. The monochromatic blue/grey colorscheme is so chic.

The fuzziness of this white wreath is the perfect match to the snow theme of this wreath above.

I am in love with these little snow people. I think they’d be cute amongst my Christmas decor on the entry buffet. I love the detail on their sweet little faces.

::sigh:: Fun fun fun!

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allsorts: Jolly Dollypops!

While these darling little clothespin elves aren’t available anymore, I did enjoy perusing the Flickr stream and blog of AllSorts. I was trolling Flickr for holiday ideas, and stumbled on these. They look like something cute my Aunt Patsy could make!










allsorts: Jolly Dollypops!.

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Costume Party: Decor

A few photos of the decor we did for the costume party. Chrysi had the great idea to do a fall-ish, pumpkin theme, so I went and got some felt and decided to recreate that candy corn banner that I saw on Etsy the other day. It was such a simple project – all I did was cut up the felt into triangles and I used fabric glue to adhere it all. It was a good naptime project while Jude was sleeping.

With the leftover felt, I glued it all end-to-end, and then cut a scallop design, making a fun little runner (shown below). Ok, and aren’t those black rats hilarious? They were sticky – the kids had a lot of fun with them!

And what’s a fall costume party without a bunch of pumpkins? For $10, I bought 2 bags of small pie pumpkins and I had the idea that for the activity for the kids, we could decorate them. Kind of like Mr. Potato Heads. Except Mr. Pumpkin Heads. I bought a bunch of googly eyes, feathers, pompoms, glitter glue, and stickers and let the kids have at.

Couldn’t resist a few owls or funkins, either. 🙂  I glittered a Funkin for my mom with a big “D” on it.

Yay yay yay! Here’s my candycorn banners. I’m totally in love with them.

Mmmm, yummy.

In Mom & Dad’s living room. Their house looked so pretty and we were SO thankful that they let us have the party there!

Chrysi’s amazing pumpkin cupcakes! They were decorated gorgeously, and the cupcake itself was pumpkin and chocolate chips. I think these are my newest faves.

I brought over my Martha Stewart trick or treat banner from my mantle.

Oops, here’s the owls again.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the favors we did. Chrysi found these cool little buckets in the dollar spot area at Target and filled them with all kinds of goodies and some glow sticks.

Hilarious photo of my folks wearing the kids’ wigs.

Enjoying cupcakes. That’s Carolyn on the left – she’s ready to have that baby!

First round of “Happy Birthday” – to Noah!

Lighting the candles

When it was Jude’s turn to be sung to, he lit up like Christmas morning. It was absolutely precious.

Finally, in memory of my Grandmother Blanche, we of course had to have her popcorn balls. I love to make them every year at this time. I miss you, Grandmother! You would have loved this party!

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Form and Function

In my mind, perfect design consists of form and function. It’s beautiful, but it has a purpose. That’s exactly what these gorgeous pimento Fret Boxes are. Perfect as a side table, but doing double-duty as storage boxes.  Maybe you need a way to store your kids’ toys and DVDs out of the way in the living room. This is the perfect solution without sacrificing style.


You have to go check out Modern Chic Home for other goodies. It was just launched by design blogger Belle Maison and I am really impressed. She has such an amazing eye and her picks are really cool. There’s definitely some unique stuff there that you just won’t see anywhere else.

Oversized Pimento Fret Boxes – Set of 2 Modern Chic Home.

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Christmas Stockings – LOVE!

I’m really persnickety about stuff when it comes to holiday decor. I want it to be different – something chic, not cheesy. I can’t really put a finger on it, but it’s like I know it when I see it. And that’s exactly the feeling that I got when I saw these Christmas stockings by etsy darling Plum Cushion. I was reading a writeup about them over at Little Green Notebook (they’re a sponsor there), and she mentioned that they’re also making Christmas stockings. And I didn’t even have to SEE them, I knew I would love them.

And I do. I think you will too if you love fabulous fabrics as much as I do. I’m thinking that these green Imperial Trellis stockings would look a-mazing hanging on our mantel. A.MA.ZING.

She has plenty of other gorgeous fabrics to choose from. I’d hop on this and get on the bandwagon before she gets swamped for Christmas!

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