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Costume Party: Decor

A few photos of the decor we did for the costume party. Chrysi had the great idea to do a fall-ish, pumpkin theme, so I went and got some felt and decided to recreate that candy corn banner that I saw on Etsy the other day. It was such a simple project – all I did was cut up the felt into triangles and I used fabric glue to adhere it all. It was a good naptime project while Jude was sleeping.

With the leftover felt, I glued it all end-to-end, and then cut a scallop design, making a fun little runner (shown below). Ok, and aren’t those black rats hilarious? They were sticky – the kids had a lot of fun with them!

And what’s a fall costume party without a bunch of pumpkins? For $10, I bought 2 bags of small pie pumpkins and I had the idea that for the activity for the kids, we could decorate them. Kind of like Mr. Potato Heads. Except Mr. Pumpkin Heads. I bought a bunch of googly eyes, feathers, pompoms, glitter glue, and stickers and let the kids have at.

Couldn’t resist a few owls or funkins, either. 🙂  I glittered a Funkin for my mom with a big “D” on it.

Yay yay yay! Here’s my candycorn banners. I’m totally in love with them.

Mmmm, yummy.

In Mom & Dad’s living room. Their house looked so pretty and we were SO thankful that they let us have the party there!

Chrysi’s amazing pumpkin cupcakes! They were decorated gorgeously, and the cupcake itself was pumpkin and chocolate chips. I think these are my newest faves.

I brought over my Martha Stewart trick or treat banner from my mantle.

Oops, here’s the owls again.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the favors we did. Chrysi found these cool little buckets in the dollar spot area at Target and filled them with all kinds of goodies and some glow sticks.

Hilarious photo of my folks wearing the kids’ wigs.

Enjoying cupcakes. That’s Carolyn on the left – she’s ready to have that baby!

First round of “Happy Birthday” – to Noah!

Lighting the candles

When it was Jude’s turn to be sung to, he lit up like Christmas morning. It was absolutely precious.

Finally, in memory of my Grandmother Blanche, we of course had to have her popcorn balls. I love to make them every year at this time. I miss you, Grandmother! You would have loved this party!


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Oh, Martha, yes please!

ACK! I just saw this over at Decor8 and I almost leapt off my chair in excitement. Isn’t that a gorgeous die cut design? Imagine the invitation possibilities!

decor8 » Blog Archive » New Martha Stewart Punches.

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Christa’s Shower

Hooray for babies — and hooray for baby girl babies! My friend Christa, who I have known since the first grade, is having her first baby in July, a sweet little girl. It was with great pleasure that I and five of her girlfriends got to throw her a fun shower on Saturday. Oh, how I love a party — and even better when we get to have a girly party! 

Christa, we love you and can’t wait to meet your little one! She’s going to have one great momma and daddy!

Yay for pompoms! Aren’t they fun?

Clearly I am obsessed with the pompoms. Please indulge me.

I brought Jude’s bassinet down from the playroom where it was previously holding stuffed animals and it is all ready to hold gifts!  Meanwhile, in the playroom, it looks like a stuffed animal massacre. I really don’t know what to do with all of them.

What’s better than a bassinet full of baby gifts? A bassinet AND a cute red stroller full of gifts! Oh, you should have seen the precious smocked bonnet that the grandmother-to-be handmade for the new baby. Too sweet!

Christa’s pal Sara is such a good friend. She really wanted to help with the shower, but was leaving for vacation the day-of, but she still made (from scratch, mind you) the most amazing, gorgeous cupcakes ever! She brought them over on Friday morning, and it was all Simon I could to do to keep his my hands off of them.

All the hostesses with mama-to-be, sans hostess Erin who had to leave early with her sweet little baby boy. FYI, Erin is one of my new favorite people. I met Erin on the internet(!) three years ago or so — we were both brides over on’s message boards, and we became online buds. Who knew — the internet! Not just for perverts and weirdos anymore! Anyway, turns out we had some mutual friends, and Christa was one of them! It was great fun to hang out w/ Dr. E and enjoy some time oohing and aahing over her sweet new little bundle of joy. (He definitely has the best hair of any kid I have ever seen).

Sweets and treats to drink.

These little babies just crack me up. I bought a package of them at Michael’s and hid them in various centerpieces. Kinda sad that they’re all naked and sitting on prickly coral. Sorry, little babies.

All in all, a marvelous party for a marvelous mama. Now. The party’s over, and this only means one thing: it’s vacation week! Hooray!

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Trick or Treat: Fall Decor

I absolutely adore October. It is my second-favorite time of the year (spring being my favorite). The birthday month of my beloved Simon and sweet baby Jude, October is just so much fun. The weather is starting to turn chilly, and the pumpkin patches start popping up all over town. Plus, Halloween is at the end, and who doesn’t love that? Candy and costumes!

A few years ago, I saw some glittered pumpkins in the October edition of a Martha Stewart Living magazine. I thought it was a great idea, but never got around to making them. At Michael’s on Saturday, I found a Halloween glitter kit by Martha Stewart, and at 30% off, I was sold. It was the easiest project ever. I glittered my pumpkins in an open pizza box to catch all the excess glitter. A little bit messy, but super fun and the result is dazzling. They look gorgeous up on our mantel with the lights on them. I may have to glitter some more!

I also found this cute vintage-inspired “Trick or Treat” banner at Michael’s as well. I particularly love the little owl. Too cute! Oh, and you can also see my framed Cavallini Paris print. I am not loving the arrangement of my pictures right now, so please disregard the way they look. 

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