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Project in the works: Uptown Kids at Classen Curve

Sometimes it’s fun to see a project that’s in the works. I am super excited about being part of the Uptown Kids retail project. My sister-in-law Carolyn and her husband are opening an upscale kids’ boutique in the Classen Curve. It’s an exciting location, too — the Curve has been in development for awhile, and some of the hottest restaurants in the metro are located there with lots of other retail and restaurants opening soon. Carolyn is working with architect Rand Elliott and his Elliott + Associations architecture firm (also the same architects for the Classen Curve development overall). Collaborating with E+A has been nothing but absolutely inspiring. Their devotion to detail and perfection is legendary, and I wish I could show you what the store is going to look like, but you’ll just have to wait ’til the grand opening this summer!

Let me just say this – Oklahoma has never seen anything like this. And if the E+A portfolio of projects is any indication, it is nothing short of fabulosity.

The FUEL restaurant they did for the Chesapeake Energy corporation looks so cool; I totally want to sneak in.

Oh, and POPS? Yup. Them, too.

So, in the meantime – a few shots from the past couple of weeks.

Oh, here’s one of RePUBlic. After a meeting the other day, we had lunch there. Delish.

One of the signage towers where the UptownKids name will go. We don’t get to do too much exciting on this one.

An outdoor patio area near the store location.

Hanging the coming soon banner! Whoo!

And for me, I am so happy to be doing a retail project. OF COURSE I love shopping so it’s only natural that I would love to do an upscale shopping project. It’s a graphic designer’s dream come true. Everything from the bags to the business cards is going to be fun. We’re also tossing around the idea of some fun t-shirts. I’ve got a few ideas stewing on more subway-based tees and ephemera.

I can’t wait to see how it progresses once they start the build out!


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Madeline’s Pink Candy Party

I checked out Rachelle’s blog this morning to see if she had posted any pix of Madeline’s pink candy party, and she had! Hooray! Everything turned out so cute! I’m glad it was a success!

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Must be in the water…

It would seem that people are definitely feeling like the recession is on its way out, because at this time last year, business was, well, slow. Fast forward to this year, and things are going crazy! Yay for weddings, bridal showers, new babies, and social events! Keep ’em coming!

I was working on updating my portfolio this past weekend. My printed portfolio, that is – my online portfolio is sadly lacking. That’s the hard part of freelancing; you should be spending your time on maintaining your own stuff, but then you get busy enough that self-promotion gets put on the back burner. Before the summer is up, I really want to redesign (which has a ton of broken links, and needs a whole lotta help) and redesign this blog as well.

Anyway, I think sometimes I like to post my to-do’s here so that way maybe I actually will get motivated to do it?

Can’t believe that these letterpress lovelies have been sitting in my book now for nearly three years. It feels like Keri and I were just working on them last year!

These were samples of a double-sided invitation that I had proposed to one of my brides. We ended up going in another direction, but I fell in love with the concept, and I love how they look in various colors.
IMG_5677 Would somebody PLEASE get married and use curry as “their” color? I absolutely adore this color, and the matching curry envelopes are to die for. TO DIE FOR.

Of course, they’re gorgeous in pool, too.

Another proposed concept. I love the pattern of the plus symbol. The color combinations here could be endlessly delightful. And just imagine the other goodies you could do with that plus symbol. Die-cut plus symbol favor tags? Yes, please! Or large-scale, on programs? Fun.

I’m working with another bride right now who has the coolest location. More on that later when I reveal the final version, but this was one option. I really like the idea of mixing and matching patterns within a color scheme.

What are some of your favorite trends in paper right now? Any color combinations in particular that you’re head-over-heels with?

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Elegance in Navy Paper

Caught this one over at dress, design & decor … a beautiful navy invitation. I even like the folds, which is unusual for me as I prefer a flat myself. Lovely typography with the slightest touch of whimsy, yet still traditional.

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Font Lovin’

Some new-to-me fonts that caught my eye

Catacumba Pro Family

Dessau Pro (it’s that outlined one. I DIE!)

Brownstone Sans. Not available just yet. As seen on the Veer blog here.

Lately someone asked me about doing a font swap w/ the Narziss Swirls. If that was you, I’ve got it now, so drop me a line or comment here and I’m more than happy to do a swap!

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Big Reveal: Kerri’s Invitations

Kerri's Invitations
I talked a little bit about Kerri’s invitations here. She’s an interior design student, and her fiance is a photographer. It’s always fun to work with fellow creatives, and I knew they were going to want something a little out-of-the-box.  They were so fun to work with, and I hope that their wedding is everything they dreamed of and more!

Kerri's Invitations



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You guys. You are awesome. I keep getting all kinds of emails from you, asking about various invitations, especially for high school reunion invitations. Please keep your requests coming – I’m always happy to fire off an estimate. And if you are on a strict budget, please don’t hesitate to let me know that. The beauty of working with a designer is the ability to problem-solve. Sometimes I can definitely help a client cut some corners. So. If I can help you with your vision in some way drop me a line and let’s chitchat.

Envelopes ready

I’ll be dropping off a finished project later in the week, and I’m excited for the bride to see it. And that’s maybe the best part of my job — seeing a happy client.

Stack o' Envelopes

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