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A more grown-up space

Jude - 28 months

In the past few weeks, I’ve been tweaking Jude’s room a little, helping it to grow from bitty baby nursery to a more grown-up space. It makes my heart twinge just a little bit, taking away his baby bumpers (yes, he was still sleeping with them) and seeing a toddler bed occupy the room now. I loved having a baby baby. Now I’m loving having a big boy, a bonafide toddler.

When I came back from having my first surgery, I wasn’t able to lift Jude in and out of his bed, so my sister and her hubs sweetly donated Luke’s firetruck toddler bed to Jude so he could hop in and out of it without my assistance. And Jude really took to it for the time that I needed him to. After awhile, we put him back in his crib, but the firetruck bed has stayed because sooner or later, he’ll graduate to it completely.  We like sitting in it, reading books together, and he thinks it’s just the coolest thing ever.

I found these awesome vintage cinema marquee letters on Etsy, and the seller, SalvageNation, gladly put together a special listing just for me w/ Jude’s name. It was extremely inexpensive, and I love them. I’m tempted to paint them, but I like their authentic, original black color. They’re lightweight plastic, and SalvageNation has a ton of them.

j u d e

Did I ever show you the final setup of Jude’s play kitchen? I picked up a couple of short shelves from IKEA, and now they display (empty) Sprinkles cupcake containers, as well as all of his play dishes that my mom bought for him. All in all, an inexpensive, and completely fun little setup.

playing in his kitchen

The firetruck bed! I rearranged the furniture the other day and I’m still not totally thrilled with it. Eventually it’ll look less cluttered when I get the crib out (sob!).

the friendly firetruck bed

Oh! I’m also loving vintage felt pennants, and I found these (below) from another Etsy seller. Too cute.

Jude's room

Big kid — getting into everything!

playing in his bigboy bed

I’ve also been on the hunt for cute toddler bed-sized duvets, much to no avail. Jude likes sleeping with a pillow and these small, lightweight down blankets that I’ve had since college, from Target. I thought I might find something else cute, but I hated everything I did find, although for the most part, the genre is nonexistent. So I decided to make my own using one of those Target blankets. Turns out that they’re nearly the same size as a toddler-bed-size comforter, so already, this was looking like a cheap project. I ordered some fabric (Paula Prass chevron stripe) that was very inexpensive, and I backed the duvet with an old white sheet we already owned. So all in all, a very inexpensive and easy project. AND I have enough fabric left over to make a little roman shade for the window in his room.

Here’s what the blanket looked like before. It has seen better days, but is so warm and comfy.

before - the blankie

And here it is after — it was a fairly simple 2-hour project.

new zigzag quilt

Now I need to research how to make a roman shade for that window… hmmmm.

Jude and his new quilt

Or I could just go read books like Jude. 🙂

wait, there's something under the bed

Big kid.  Where’d my baby go?


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Christmas Stockings – LOVE!

I’m really persnickety about stuff when it comes to holiday decor. I want it to be different – something chic, not cheesy. I can’t really put a finger on it, but it’s like I know it when I see it. And that’s exactly the feeling that I got when I saw these Christmas stockings by etsy darling Plum Cushion. I was reading a writeup about them over at Little Green Notebook (they’re a sponsor there), and she mentioned that they’re also making Christmas stockings. And I didn’t even have to SEE them, I knew I would love them.

And I do. I think you will too if you love fabulous fabrics as much as I do. I’m thinking that these green Imperial Trellis stockings would look a-mazing hanging on our mantel. A.MA.ZING.

She has plenty of other gorgeous fabrics to choose from. I’d hop on this and get on the bandwagon before she gets swamped for Christmas!

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Follow-up on that zigzag fabric

Benita asked me about the fabric I purchased on eBay that came from Uzbekistan. You too can wait over a month to receive a package that seems to be locked in time! 🙂 All kidding aside, the listing is still up b/c there’s lots of fabric available. Check out the seller’s other stuff too – if you like Ikats, there’s a wide selection and it’s all gorrrrgeous.

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A Tale of Traveling Fabric

Once upon a time, I found some pretty fabric on eBay. It was the perfect zigzag print, in the most gorgeous green you’ve ever seen. So I ordered it. This was August 11th. The seller was from Uzbekistan – the fabric was handmade Uzbek silk. I was in love.

And I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. I emailed almost a month later, and this was the seller’s response:

Hello, yes I have shipped your goods, these days holidays and delays are possible.
Good luck.

Good luck??? Um, what? I guess they don’t do tracking numbers in Uzbekistan???

And then, last week, it finally came. After weeks of checking the  mailbox religiously, it arrived and it looked like this:Brown paper packages tied up with string! These are a few of my favorite things!

Do you know what that is? It’s a wax seal, holding the string together on the back of the package. When was the last time you got a package tied up w/ string and a wax seal? Cool, non?

The fabric is gorgeous too. Now to decide what to do with it!

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Skirted Console

How was your weekend? Ours was fantastic – our ten year high school reunion was a success and a good time was had by all. More on that later this week maybe?

Ok, so I promised you guys I would show you the skirted console I did. My inspiration was this beautiful Ikat printed table over at Little Green Notebook, via Urban Grace Interiors. I saw it and thought, hmm, I think I could do that. Plus, we were given a folding table a few years ago from my sister-in-law Chrysi’s parents, and it was just the right size for a project. Can I just say that a small folding table like this is the perfect gift? We’ve used it for so many things — if we’ve needed extra seating for a party or a gift table display for a shower. I highly recommend giving newlyweds one of these!

So I ordered my fabric, a pretty Anna Griffin fabric, and even though it’s a quilting weight (read: very lightweight), I was pleased at how it ended up draping.

Here’s my before shot, complete with sewing machine:

I took a “during” picture but now I can’t find it. I made my “pattern” out of a roll of kraft wrapping paper – you can see a bit of it in the picture above, in the corner. That made it really easy to visualize how it was going to turn out as well as tweak the pleating.

Ok, don’t be stupid like me. Measure twice, cut once. I ended up cutting the fabric for the top of the console too short, so I had to sew on two panels on either side to make it stretch all the way across. It doesn’t look too terrible, but it did make extra work for me. I think the hardest part of the entire project was attaching the top to the skirt — I admit that I did cheat with fabric glue. 🙂

I bought some grosgrain ribbon at Joann Fabric and used it to trim the top. I didn’t need a ton, but if you are looking for an excellent resource for inexpensive trim, get thee to JKM Ribbon. I found it four years ago when I was planning our wedding, and they have all different kinds of trims that are fab and very inexpensive. I’m still using up a roll of ribbon from our wedding!

And voila – the final product! I’m happy with the results – i feel like it’s so pretty, and I like having the chair in front of it, like it’s a chic little writing desk. No one would ever know its humble beginnings as a folding table! Plus I can hide all kinds of junk underneath that skirt!  ha!

In my wildest dreams, I would put a Louis Ghost chair there in lieu of my painted French chair. I would just looooove a little bit of Lucite in the room! Maybe someday…So there you have it. A fun little project for minimal $. I used 6 yards of fabric, with a little bit left over. (FYI: The table is 2’x4′ and 30 inches tall.)  I’m thinking I might use the leftover fabric to cover the seat on one of my bamboo chairs.

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Craigslist, you were good to me

Timing is everything in life, n’est-ce pas? Wednesday night, Simon and I were laying on the couch, watching TV, and I was surfing Craigslist. I happened to get really lucky and found a listing for a gorgeous bergere chair for (get this) $65. I mean, that is sick. I’ve looked at them in furniture shops, identical to these, for $400 and up. Even if the fabric was totally crappy, I couldn’t pass up $65. I emailed the seller immediately and got a very quick response and we planned to meet Thursday afternoon.

I took one look at it, and said, “Sold!” The girl who was selling it said she had gotten 14 phone calls after my email from various people, so I didn’t even bother to talk her down. I think I felt bad that she was selling it for so dirt cheap! The fabric is really soft, and in a nice creamy basketweave. The cushions are soft and pillowy. Oh, that navy pillow in the photo is one we already had — I just stuck it on there to see what it would look like. Right now, it’s sitting in our bedroom, but we’ll see where it ends up. it’s such a versatile piece, I think I could make it work in almost any room.

Oh, did I show you my $10 lamps? I don’t know if I did or not – they’re in that photo on the nightstand above. I got a pair for $10. Total. The fabulous, connected Dr.Erin told me and Dr. Christa to go check out this place called the Rink. It’s an antique store, basically, that’s housed in an old ice skating rink. I found those lamps in $10 Corner, where everything was $10. I thought about painting them, but decided to leave them as is. I also considered buying up another pair that was poop-brown and redoing them and then selling them. Would anybody buy them if I made them cool? Those lampshades came from the Pottery Barn on clearance. They cost more than the stinkin’ lamps!

If I could have it any way I liked, I think I would like to find a really fantastic fabric for it, and do a makeover that turned out similar to this:

HomeshootBlue2Or maybe this one:

gorgeoustrellischairOr, bien sur, this:

27More Flickr faves:

Couldn’t you just die at this gorgeous fabric? Amy Butler, below.

From Anthro:

Guess I need to get my bargain-hunting game on for cool fabric. I’ll know it when I see it.

Internet, I need to tell you something. I harbor a tiny dream of having a furniture shop. Where I sell not only new fabulous things, but also old pieces that I’ve found and put my own spin on. I would do lamps, chairs, tables, whatever. A girl can dream, non? Would you shop at my store?

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Fantastic Find: vintage bamboo chairs

A few weeks ago, I went down to Norman, OK (home of the Sooners!) for the afternoon. Every time I go to Norman, feeling all nostalgic about my college youth (ha), I hit up Bill’s Used Furniture. Bill’s is located in the old Pentecostal church. Simon and I used to frequent it all the time, and some of my favorite finds have come from Bill’s. Namely, these two lovelies:

A steal for $50, and then recovered for $35 with Amy Butler fabric. And then this one, too:

I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it was definitely a steal. I saw a red painted version of it at Bill’s this last time I went, but it was $95, waaaaay too much for what is usually for sale @ Bill’s.

So it was with great joy & delight when I stumbled upon a pair of these bamboo chairs for $65. Total.

I have been wanting some Chinese Chippendale chairs forever, and while these aren’t exactly those, they’re pretty darn close. And at such an amazing price! Yes, the seat fabric is super ugly, but who cares? I’m always game for a project! Right now, they’re happy up in my office, and I just grin like a fool whenever I see them. I called Simon right after I bought them: “GUESS what I got?!!??! Just GUESS!”

So. If you see any cool fabric that you think might work, send it on ovah. I have my eye on the new Joel Dewberry fabrics, but I might be just as happy with a solid linen in some fab color.

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